Mets Lose Out on Another Free Agent

Phil HoopsCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

The Texas Rangers are set to announce this week that they have signed OF Andruw Jones to a minor league deal worth $500,000 and could be worth another $1 million if he reaches the majors.

Jones, a once star outfielder with the Atlanta Braves, seemed to lose his plate discipline last year. His numbers were abysmal, as the former All-Star hit for .158 and drove in 14 runs.

The Mets were rumored to be interested in bringing in the outfielder for spring training to help correct his offensive woes, and possibly use him to play left field.

It is worth noting that Jones may become available, after Mar. 20, as his contract does include an opt-out clause.

It should be interesting to see if Jones can resurrect his once promising career.