Viral Video of the Day: Russia's Official Euro 2012 Song Is a Sonic Adventure

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If you're Russian and you're a football fan, this is your jam.

If neither of those apply, well, this is still your jam.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the official Euro 2012 song of the Russian national football team (h/t 101 Great Goals).

One word: Whoa.

This song has it all. During an utterly brilliant three minutes and 49 seconds, we're treated to a tympani, a drum kit, a baroque-style orchestral score, flag waving, a dramatic and heraldic trumpet solo, electric guitars, child singers, a xylophone, some guy playing a flute and, I'm pretty sure, the words "rock and roll-a" in the lyrics.

By the way, does anyone know who the old lady is? Just a pianist, or someone famous? She's featured prominently, and that makes me think I should know who she is. I don't.

Anyway, if I were writing an official song for an international football team, this is definitely what I hope I would be brilliant enough to write.

It's so inspiring, in fact, that I almost expected to see Sean Connery and his Scottish accent leading Soviet submariners in a rousing rendition of their national anthem while waiting for Jack Ryan to arrive.

Thankfully, today's viral video isn't the only mash-up of the Russian national team and musical excellence. In this clip, you can view a sheepish Andrei Arshavin singing some a cappella karaoke on Russian television.

With such devastating weapons at their disposal, the Russians now must be considered invincible in Group A.

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