WWE: Could Big Show Eventually Form an Alliance with Brock Lesnar?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Well, look who woke up one morning and decided he was a bad man.

Totally ripped off Arn Anderson on that one.  Old school Horseman fan over here, recognize.

With Big Show’s sudden heel turn that virtually everyone saw coming, WWE fans are now faced with the prospect of one angry giant taking on everyone’s favorite superhero, John Cena.

But, let’s face it, this is not exactly the feud we signed up for.  

This was supposed to be Brock Lesnar’s time, when he was to return to WWE and annihilate everyone in his path.  He did it back in 2002, and continued to do it until his departure in 2004.

It started off on a good note.  Brock came back, immediately set his sights on Cena, and then proceeded to physically dissect him.  The actual surgery happened at Extreme Rules, when Brock dismembered Captain America, standing over him like a conquering warrior on the field of battle.

Of course, John got up, popped him with a chain and won the match.

Either way, it was a brutal bout, and one that will not soon be forgotten.  It set the tone for Lesnar’s new run, one that would surely put him not only back on the map, but back at the top of WWE.

But, then he “quit,” and we haven’t seen him since.

So, instead of “here comes the pain,” with Brock Lesnar, we now have in his place, Big Show.

Here comes the lame.

No offense meant to Show, I for one have always been a big advocate of his, as I personally believe that he is one of the best big men of all time.  For a guy the immense size that he is, a true giant in every sense of the word, to be able to move the way he does, is just flat-out impressive.

This is not the Great Khali we’re talking about here, a monster who can only stand in one place while the match comes to him. 

Show is a guy who can have a good match with anyone in the locker room, and has a proven track record when it comes to knowing who he is, and how to carry himself when he’s in character.

The issue I have is that Show’s heel turn seemed just too out of place, as if it was done at the very last minute.

Maybe that’s because it was?

Big Show’s current spot against Cena supposedly didn’t involve Brock Lesnar at all, it involved Lord Tensai.  Or, Tensai, as his name has reportedly been changed due to the conclusion WWE has reached that his gimmick is just not working out.

Right.  So, dropping the “Lord” guarantees that he’s going to get over now.

This rivalry would have been the more compelling one, if only because Cena is in the Hulk Hogan position of the company.  Hogan faced every monster, strongman, and colorful character that Vince McMahon could create, in one old-school "hero vs. villain" match after another.

This works for John especially well, as he is the clean-cut, all-American image of what a babyface wrestler is supposed to be.  Facing a diabolical comic book-style heel in Tensai would have been right up his alley, had it not been for that pesky Lord moniker getting in the way.

The truth is, we have a much better feud now, because Big Show is more of a presence, more of a solid in-ring performer than Tensai is.  However, with enough time, and the right approach to the Japanese warrior gimmick, Tensai could get over, and make a pretty big impact at some point.

So, where does this leave our boy, Brock?  Well, I for one say, when and if he does return, why not team him with the seven-foot giant?

Weapons of mass destruction?  You better believe it.

The War Machine on one side, the World’s Largest Athlete on the other, with Paul Heyman as the mouthpiece.  There is no limit to the damage they could cause, the havoc they could wreak, and the heat they could draw.

Forget the tag team division, and the usual title run that inevitably accompanies it. This would not be a tag team, it would be an alliance.  A partnership between the two most dangerous, physically destructive forces that WWE has ever seen.

Their goal?  Eliminate John Cena, and any other babyface foolish enough to challenge them in the ring.

This would be a big-time pairing, no doubt about it.

But, is this even a viable option for Brock at this point?  The reason he’s off TV in the first place is because his current contract only calls for a certain number of dates, and WWE does not want to burn them up too soon.

In other words, he was brought back, spotlighted in every conceivable way, and then pulled back, killing all of that momentum, and severely hurting any future matches he may have had with Cena.

When he returns the next time, he will likely have his hands full with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, whom he tried to take out on his last Monday Night Raw.  So, it’s a safe bet to say that he will be preoccupied for the time being.

While a possible cooperative effort between Big Show and Brock Lesnar may not be meant for the long haul, it could be very beneficial, especially for Show, who arguably needs more time, and more reason, for fans to completely believe that he is the dangerous heel he proclaims to be.

Teaming with Brock would be one sure way to get more heat, and to firmly establish himself as the main heel on Monday Night Raw.

Whatever happens with Big Show, the truth is that he has been placed in a somewhat awkward situation, and now will have to do all he can to make the best of it. 

But, for a man who has had a career of staying the course, yet doing more than fans expected him to, it will be just another day at the office.

He is the Big Bad Show, after all.