TNA Hall of Fame: Who Will Be Inducted?

Bill Pivetz@@BPiv_SportsCorrespondent IIIJune 8, 2012

TNA Hall of Fame: Who Will Be Inducted?

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    TNA President Dixie Carter announced last week that TNA begin their Hall of Fame by inducting the first member at Slammiversary on June 10.

    I feel that 10 years is a enough time for the company to begin their Hall of Fame. They have had many influential wrestlers come and go over the years.

    Here, I will run down some possible inductees for the June 10 announcement.


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    Sting is one of the obvious choices to be put in the Hall of Fame. He's been with the company on and off since 2003. Sting has had some really good matches, even at his age. He's had match-of-the-year candidates with Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

    I feel that Sting has helped TNA get to where they are now. Even at 53, the name "Sting" is still a household name. Feuding with guys like Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe will help propel them into the spotlight in the future.

    While in TNA, Sting held the NWA World Heavyweight Title once, the TNA World Heavyweight Title four times, and the World Tag Team Titles once. When he's in the ring with a great worker, Sting can still put on one hell of a match.

    When used properly, Sting can be effective in TNA. He should be used to put the younger TNA talent over such as Bobby Roode, James Storm and others.

    He may not get into the WWE Hall of Fame, but seeing the work he's produced in TNA, this is the right Hall of Fame for him.

A.J. Styles

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    A.J. Styles is known as one of the TNA originals. He's been with the company since 2002. Styles was the first X Division Champion. The following year, Styles captured the NWA World Heavyweight Title for the first time.

    He would capture it two more times. Styles also won the NWA World Tag Team Championship, making him TNA's first Triple Crown Champion.

    In 2009, he became the first Grand Slam Champion after winning the Legends Title from Booker T.

    Styles has been a part of match-of-the-year candidates with Sting, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels and countless others. He is a phenomenal athlete, no pun intended.

    A.J is a six-time X Division Champion, four-time NWA/TNA World Champion and five-time NWA/TNA World Tag Champion. He was also ranked as the No. 1 singles wrestler in 2010 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    It would be a shame to TNA and A.J. Styles if he wasn't the first person inducted in TNA's Hall of Fame. 

Kurt Angle

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    Kurt Angle joined TNA in 2006, shortly after leaving WWE. In the six short years that Angle has been with TNA, he has accomplished a lot.

    He was on the top of his game during his last year with WWE. He defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXI in 2005. He won the World Heavyweight Title in January of 2006. He had matches-of-the-year during this time.

    Because of this, his arrival to TNA was the biggest signing the company has ever made. It's bigger than Christian, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy. Yes, Kurt Angle's signing with TNA is bigger than Jeff Hardy's signing.

    This was around the time TNA began picking up steam. They were headed in the right direction with talent and storylines.

    Angle won his first of five TNA World Title reigns in May of 2007 when he defeated Sting and Christian Cage. He is also a one-time TNA Tag Team Champion with Sting. Angle won the X Division title once in 2007. Angle won his first King of the Mountain that year. He won it again in 2009.

    Kurt Angle is TNA's second Triple Crown Champion and just needs to hold the TV Title to become a TNA Grand Slam Champion.

Jeff Jarrett

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    Jeff Jarrett is probably the most important person in TNA's history. Jarrett and his father started TNA back in 2002 and have come so far in their 10-year history.

    Many say that Jarrett created TNA just to make himself a World Champion, but I don't think that's the case. He, with the help of Vince Russo and others, made TNA a worldwide wrestling promotion. TNA begin with weekly pay-per-views for about two years. They finally reached a TV deal with Fox Sports Net and later Spike TV.

    In the ring, Jarrett has accomplished a lot in TNA. He's a six-time NWA Heavyweight Champion and a two-time King of the Mountain.

    He hasn't done much in the ring recently, but behind the scenes Jarrett has helped expand the TNA brand all over the world.

    TNA reached a deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2011 to become TNA's official training and developing territory. They also began a subsidary promotion in India, called Ring Ka King.

    Although TNA isn't at the heights of WWE, it's come a long way in the 10 years its been around. None of this could have been possible without Jeff Jarrett and for that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Mystery Inductee

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    The previous four superstars I mentioned are somewhat obvious choices, but they are all active wrestlers. Jarrett hasn't been on Impact in a while, but he's still wrestling down in Mexico.

    Now, with these four still active, would TNA induct someone who retired, passed away or a non-wrestler?

    Here are some other possible inductees for TNA's Hall of Fame:

    Dixie Carter

    She became president in spring 2003 after her parents, owners of Panda Energy International, purchased 71 percent of TNA.

    She is a semi-regular on Impact Wrestling. She is currently involved in a storyline with A.J Styles against Daniels and Kazarian. She was in a previous feud with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan over power of TNA.

    Carter has become more confident on the mic in recent years, but she shouldn't be inducted for her on-camera work. Without the help of her and her family, Jarrett and all of the other TNA wrestlers would be out of a job or working, reluctantly, for WWE.

    Christopher Daniels

    Daniels, along with Styles, is one of the TNA originals. His early days included time with Triple X and Russo's stable of Sports Entertainment Xtreme.

    His character has undergone many repackagings. Daniels also competed as Curry Man and Suicide.

    Daniels, in my opinion, has been wrestling in the shadows of Styles. However, Daniels has accomplished a lot.

    He captured the NWA Tag Championship six times and the TNA Tag Championship once. Daniels also won the X Division Title four times and won the 2004 World X Cup.

    Hulk Hogan

    Hulk. Hogan. The most iconic name in sports entertainment. He was close to signing back in 2003, but he suffered from knee and back problems and did not appear. He officially joined TNA in 2009 with Eric Bischoff as a partner with Dixie Carter. He made his debut on January 4, 2010.

    He quickly changed the landscape of TNA. Hogan removed the six-sided ring and debuted the traditional four-sided ring and a new Impact Zone.

    Hogan formed the Immortal stable with Jeff Hardy, Bischoff, Abyss and Jarrett. This created the storyline that Bischoff and Hogan were now in charge of TNA instead of Carter.

    Hogan, now a face, replaced Sting as the general manager of Impact. The only reason I see Hogan inducted to the promote him as a two-time Hall of Famer just like Flair, who is no longer with the company.


    These were the other personalities in TNA that could be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. I would like to know who you think could or should be inducted on June 10 at Slammiversary.