Plans for a New Legacy Diva (Not Who You Think) and Plans for the Next Gen Hart

David BowstonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Ok, i live in London. Where Brooke Hogan was recently. I went along to see if daddy was there (and to get a peek at Brooke) but neither happened. After the event there was a lot of standing about and I got talking to one of her bodyguards.

He told me that she is planning a match with Reid Flair and that the Hulkster is using his status as one of the greatest ever to call in a favour from the WWE officials. Now this next part seems incredibly far fetched and I myself don't believe it, but I just wanted to see what you guys thought.

Hulk has plans for Brooke to go to Legacy and have a relationship (he didn't say who with, but I would guess Randy) he doesn't want her in ring as much just a manager until she trains up a bit.

Then D.H. Smith and TJ Wilson will be called to SmackDown! sometime between now and Backlash, managed by Natalya and they will impress and if Legacy is still about, Orton will attempt to bring them over to Raw but they will have to make the decision to leave for Raw and leave the titles and Natalya or stay on SmackDown! with Natalya and keep the titles.

I personally think this sounds a bit far fetched, especially if this all happens so quickly, but I was just wandering what you guys thought.