Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Bears: Does a Fan Have to Choose?

Matthew SmithCorrespondent IIIJune 8, 2012

Can I wear both at the same time like Gabe Carimi, or do I have to pick?
Can I wear both at the same time like Gabe Carimi, or do I have to pick?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

My neighbor and I were tossing a football around the front yard while our kids were playing the other day, and I asked him who his favorite team was.

Being from New York, the answer was swift…“The Yankees.”

“What about the Giants?”

His reply was one word…”Yankees.

As a courtesy, he asked what my favorite team was and my answer confused him a bit.

I told him that I didn’t know and then wondered aloud…”Does a sports fan HAVE to have a favorite or can two teams in two different sports occupy the same spot in my heart?”

See, he always assumed it was the White Sox.  Don’t blame him for thinking that.  After all, the Sox are all I talk about, watch on TV and almost every article I write for Bleacher Report is about them. 

It also takes me a good hour and a lashing from my wife on how unimportant it is in the grand scheme of things to get over a White Sox loss.

I know I’m not alone in my reaction.  As a White Sox fan, it’s frustrating—angering even—to watch them lose.  When the Chicago Bears lose, however, it takes a full week, at minimum, to get over.

Brian Urlacher is my favorite current Bear and Paul Konerko is my favorite current Sox player.  I could not for the life of me tell you who I like more.  They’re both special, but in different ways.

Same thing goes for the sport itself.  Is football or baseball my favorite sport?  I don’t know.  I love both games for very different reasons.

My neighbor went on to compare favorite teams in different sports to a parent with more than one child.  He argues that there has to be a favorite, right?

Well, my wife and I only have one child so I don’t know the answer to that question, but I suppose so.  “You cannot compare sports to your children,” I said a few minutes later after giving it some thought.  “Sure you can,” he replied.

Then he asked me another question.  “Alright,” he said, “would you rather have scout seats behind home plate at the Cell or seats anywhere in Soldier Field for the rest of your life?”

Another question I can’t answer.

Games at Soldier Field are an experience from the pre-game to the post-game tailgate, but there is also something unique and special in catching three hours of baseball on a nice summer day.

The legacy and passion of the Chicago Bears or the romanticism of baseball on the South Side?

My favorite game of all time was at the Cell, but the first time I saw the gridiron at Soldier Field it took my breath away.

It's summer, and the Sox are in first.

I can’t choose.  Should I have to?


Seriously, though, the Royals won the Powerball jackpot:…

— Eye on Baseball (@EyeOnBaseball) November 30, 2012