Buffalo Bills: Is One Team's Trash Buffalo's New Treasure?

Greg MaiolaSenior Analyst IIJune 8, 2012

The sudden revival of the Buffalo Bills isn't necessarily over quite yet. The franchise has become relevant again, and that has fans anticipating great things in 2012. And with two recent roster decisions by the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo has a chance to emphasize its intents this fall.

Chad Ochocinco has hit the open market for the first time in his NFL career. The Bills could really benefit from his presence in Buffalo. Other than of Stevie Johnson, they have no true receiving threat at the outside position. Ochocinco could take attention and coverage away from Johnson and open up the field for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Though he is 34 and is no longer wanted by the Patriots, Ochocinco could have a role in Buffalo. The guy made six Pro Bowls, and he is always in good shape. He also has more time to learn a less complex playbook.

Ochocinco should want to make amends for his flat performance in 2011 and could have an added incentive to play well against the Pats twice next season. He could bring a different element to the offense and help Fitzpatrick prove that the Bills offense should be feared.

The Bills also have a new free-agent option to add depth to their new and improved defense. With the Jaguars' release of former Pro Bowler Aaron Kampman, the Bills could add another weapon to their fierce pass rush.

The Bills already have a crowded defensive line and a lot of linebackers, but Kampman could be the icing on the cake. A rotation of Mark Anderson, Mario Williams and Kampman would keep the line fresh and opportunistic. Maybe a player like Chris Kelsay would have to be released to make room for Kampman, but it could be worth it.

If Kampman could stay healthy, it would be hard to name a team with a more feared pass rush than Buffalo. At the very least, he is worth a tryout and would be a cheap investment.

With the release of two former Pro Bowlers, the Bills have an opportunity to stack their roster. Ochocinco could make plays in the Buffalo offense and also make life easier for Stevie Johnson. He knows the division and could be a factor in the offense. Kampman could keep pass-rushers fresh and help the Bills drop quarterbacks in the backfield.

Just because one team doesn't value a player doesn't mean they can't still contribute elsewhere. And Buffalo should take advantage of the opportunity.