WWE Rumors: Five Things That Big Show Needs to Become Wrestling's Top Heel

Brett ChandlerCorrespondent IJune 8, 2012

WWE Rumors: Five Things That Big Show Needs to Become Wrestling's Top Heel

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    On May 20, 2012, Big Show once again turned heel.

    By knocking John Cena out and helping John Laurinaitis keep his job, Big Show effectively betrayed the WWE Universe.

    After explaining that he turned because nobody cared that he was fired six days before on WWE Raw SuperShow, Big Show informed the WWE Universe that he did what he had to do and now had an ironclad contract with a "big fat bonus" and was proud of it. Since then, Big Show has torn through the WWE, taking out superstars such as Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Brodus ClayAlex Riley,Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

    Although the former World Heavyweight Champion has gotten his new persona over well with the fans, there are still some essentials that he lacks to become wrestling's number-one heel. 

Change His Name

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    Ever since Big Show has turned over a new leaf, he has proclaimed himself to be a giant, not an entertainer that is out to put smiles on the WWE Universe's faces.

    He is no longer a "big, smiling freak." Still, there is a hole in his logic. If he is no longer an entertainer, why does he still go by the name of "Big Show"? Other superstars such as Curt Hawkins (formerly Brian Major), Zack Ryder (formerly Brett Major) and most recently John Morrison (formerly Johnny Nitro) have changed their names to suit a new personality.

    "Big Show" can still be a nickname for him—as it was during his debut when he assisted WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon against WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. However, he should begin referring to himself, and being introduced, by his real name, Paul Wight.  

    Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 

His Finisher

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    Back when Big Show returned to WWE in 2008, he implemented a new finishing maneuver into his arsenal: a knockout punch later to be dubbed "the WMD."

    Big Show has used his right hand to knock out opponents ranging from The Undertaker to The Miz to The Great Khali.

    Now, the finisher is getting tiring. For some reason, instead of just knocking out his opponents in five seconds at the beginning of the match, Big Show will pull out the WMD about seven or eight minutes into an average match. 

    One might argue that opponents of "The World's Largest Athlete's" will not let Show hit him with the WMD, but if Big Show has enough time to slap his opponent's chest in the corner, then he has the time to swing his right hand at his opponent's skull.

    What finisher would I make him use instead? I wouldn't have just one, I'd have two. Number one would be the chokeslam. Applied by Big Show, the move would look believable since getting dropped from that height would surely do a lot of damage.

    Another move I'd have him use is the Colossal Clutch, a modified version of the camel clutch. Just imagine getting sat on by a 441-pound mammoth applying pressure to your lower back, head and torso.

    To those who don't know what I am talking about since he hasn't used the move a lot recently, click here and here

Stop Replaying His Embarrassing Moments

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    We get it.

    For years WWE has used Big Show as a gargantuan, a mumbling fool—most recently when it was building up publicity for his lackluster match this year against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

    It doesn't help boost Big Show's character; in fact, it makes him look weaker.

    Don't focus on the past. Yes, Big Show did impressions of Hulk Hogan and Val Venis.

    Yes, Big Show once played Santa Claus on SmackDown.

    Yes, Big Show wasn't even at WrestleMania X-8, instead participating in WWF New York.

    We understand. But let's now focus on the present and the future. Use clips of him throwing Alex Riley against a wall. Use clips of him chokeslamming Mark Henry during his face run to make him look like a dominant freak of nature. Show him knocking Santino Marella out.

    And, hey WWE, if you want to bring up the past, how about using your extensive video library to find Big Show's most dominant moments—such as when he chokeslammed his current arch-nemesis John Cena into a spotlight at the 2009 edition of Backlash. Or when he swung Rey Mysterio like a baseball bat into the ring post while he was tied to a backboard.

    Use your clips wisely, WWE. 

No More Merchandise

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    A giant who wants to promote himself as a heel should not be put up on the TMZ front page saying that he made an appearance for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

    Of course, such a gesture would make WWE look good, especially with Linda McMahon making a political run. Still, there's already plenty of guys doing charity and Big Show doesn't need to be seen as one of them.

    Also, as much as WWE did for Chris Jericho in his second heel run and for JBL during his fantastic run as a heel, it should stop producing merchandise for "The Giant." 

    It's a known fact that Big Show isn't one of the top sellers for WWE in merchandise. His t-shirts aren't needed and you don't see many people wearing them in the crowd at a WWE live event. If Big Show doesn't like the people, why would he allow merchandise of him to be made? If that's not possible, he should stop wearing his merchandise on live television.

    It's the little things that can make you a great heel. 

Beating John Cena Clean in a Steel Cage Match

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    To establish himself as wrestling's number-one heel, Big Show should pin John Cena in the middle of the ring at No Way Out.

    That's what will set him apart from guys like Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. He should be able to pick up a win over John Cena, especially if he is able to take out three men (including two champions) in Raw SuperShow.

    Cena can still look good in defeat and recuperate from the loss, but can Big Show? 

    After running rampant for weeks and then losing, Big Show would lose all the momentum that he would have heading into No Way Out. Of course Big Show will have to lose eventually, but it should not be on June 17.

    Big Show should not beat Cena because he low blowed him or poked him in the eye, he should beat him because he's stronger and smarter than him. 

The End

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    I think that if these five things could be accomplished, Big Show would silence his critics after his recent heel turn.

    He wouldn't be a perfect character, since no one ever could be, but he would come close. If you guys want to leave comments below disputing my opinions or adding your own, go right for it.

    I welcome all opinions.

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