Your Best 11 Mailbag: Notre Dame Conference Talk Plus Some ACC Answers

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterJune 7, 2012

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 29: Wide receiver Rashad Greene #80 of the Florida State Seminoles celebrates a touchdown catch against the Notre Dame Fight Irish  December 29, 2011 at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.  FSU won 18 - 14. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

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@InTheBleachers Is anybody a Heisman candidate or could be one in the ACC?

— Lon Snider (@Heelcorkdork) June 7, 2012


I feel like I've answered this question before and said EJ Manuel is a guy to watch because of the three quarterbacks (Logan Thomas, Tajh Boyd and Manuel). Florida State will likely be the undefeated team in the national hunt.

However, for today's purposes, I figure let's change it up and go with Mike Glennon. Glennon gets a shot to out-duel both Manuel and Boyd this season, and that is a start to a big season. If NC State can put together a nine- or 10-win season, which they certainly can, then Glennon has a shot (stats permitting) to interject his name in the conversation.


@InTheBleachers Can the ACC land enough of the remaining fish available to stay afloat as a power conference

— Don Jeffries (@DonDelarente) June 7, 2012


Considering the ACC is not a "power conference" right now, the answer sort of has to be no. The conference is not going to pry any real viable party out of the Big Ten or SEC, and the properties in the Big East are not exactly home runs.

I'm not saying the conference is doomed, but as far as addition to stay powerful—yeah, don't see that happening.


@InTheBleachers do you think #NotreDame will join a conference eventually?

— Dannie Mixon (@danniemixon) June 7, 2012


My daddy always told me that "never and forever are a real long time, son." That's how I've grown to feel about this Notre Dame question.

To say they will never join a conference is putting a lot on the table. However, so is the idea of the Irish remaining Independent forever. With the current landscape, no, I don't see the Irish joining the ranks of a conference. It just does not serve their purpose as it stands now.


@InTheBleachers over under for UNC wins losses ..... 2012?

— CJ Clayborne (@THE_BROCCOLI) June 7, 2012


Same as every other year since 2008: 4.5 if we are talking regular season. North Carolina is a seven- or eight-win program, and in the last few years, the Heels have been winning seven or eight games.

UNC has to break through the eight-win plateau to get taken seriously as a threat to the ACC Crown, and that is tough to see happening in Chapel Hill, given the defensive issues in 2012.


@InTheBleachers how many yards does tanner price throw this year and will the acc actually notice

— Martin Rickman (@MartinRickman) June 7, 2012


I love Tanner Price. I don't know how Wake Forest keeps finding these quarterbacks that are too small to really be scary to teams but just know how to lead a football team.

Riley Skinner is like the 1.0 and Tanner Price is now 2.0 of that same guy. Price has a couple things working against him to match and surpass the 2011 stats—obviously the loss of Chris Givens is the most notable, but I think the emergence of Josh Harris might be a bigger factor.

Harris can ball. He is going to be the go-to guy this season, and I expect the Deacons to structure their offense in a way to get him the ball more. A season ago, Chris Givens was the stud offensive guy and Brandon Pendergrass was called on to keep things honest. Now the tables have turned. Harris proved that he is a capable back that should get plenty of carries this year.

That is all pinned to the assumption that Harris stays healthy, something he could not do after the Florida State game last season.