‪Lauren Tannehill and Sports Hotties Who Will Dominate the Media Shortly‬

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 8, 2012

‪Lauren Tannehill and Sports Hotties Who Will Dominate the Media Shortly‬

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    Some have it, some don't. That's the harsh reality in the world of sports beauty.

    But it's not all about looks, knowledge and fashion sense for these upcoming WAGs and reporters. These women possess an unmatched determination, an unprecedented passion for their craft.

    With legendary hottie Michelle Beadle recently leaving ESPN for the family of NBC networks, leaving a gap in sexy news, now seems like the ideal opportunity to check out 20 new women who are headed for on-camera greatness.

    Whether they're ready for upcoming festivities or just approaching the sports scene, these women are closing in on immortality as we speak.

    They will learn to love those flashing lights.

20. Laura McKeeman

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    She's labeled the next Erin Andrews, but it's Fox Sports reporter Laura McKeeman's reported mastery of the NFL draft that has fans intrigued. 

    Watch out, Mel Kiper Jr. Todd McShay, you're probably safe. 

    Something about the University of Florida inspires us as well. Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews, Laura McKeeman...the truth.

19. Meghan Hardin

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    The youngest contestant ever on Big Break was coincidentally the first to get eliminated recently, but the smiley Meghan Hardin certainly left an impression on the golfing world.

    Something tells us she's in for a big break away from the course.

18. Amanda McCarthy

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    Brandon McCarthy is a little known hurler for the Oakland Athletics. But his wife? Well, she's got the skills to get herself ingrained in the public spotlight for good.

    Even if it only takes 140 characters.

17. Natalia Falavigna

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    After she won the first Brazilian Olympic medal ever in taekwondo (bronze) at the 2008 Summer Olympics, it was clear Natalia Falavigna was a star.

    She seems fully prepared for the upcoming Games.

16. Allie Mac Kay

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    When KTLA morning news reporter Allie Mac Kay "pulled out her bedroom move," greatness was achieved on ice.

    Still fresh on the burner, it's only a matter of time before the entire world of sports is introduced to the naughty new reporter covering the Stanley Cup Finals.

15. Jennifer Hale

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    From college cheerleader and homecoming queen at LSU to published author and sexy New Orleans sideline reporter. The road to prosperity has been smooth for Jennifer Hale.

    But now that she's covering NFL games, Hale is moments away from exploding on the scene.

14. Jace Williams

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    This Cal infielder seems eager to dethrone Jennie Finch as the hottest softballer on the planet.

    After batting .379 and slugging .517 last year, Jace Williams has proven she knows the game of softball. An analyst job is clearly waiting for her when she graduates.

    Wait, it seems she's already been spotted.

13. Loni Kai

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    The winner of the 2011 BAMMA USA annual ring girl contest, Loni Kai is a melting pot of wow. 

    She's of Cuban and Chinese descent and has a shattering smile that we can't avoid. Done deal.

12. Lacey Minchew

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    Miss Louisiana 2009 has been on our radar for awhile now. But now that boyfriend Matt Flynn is nicely cemented in Seattle with a three-year, $19.5 million contract, Lacey Minchew seems ready to dominate the scene.

    We're envisioning an Elizabeth Hasselbeck-like effect.

11. Jasmyn Wilkins

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    Word has it that the niece of NBA legend Dominique Wilkins is a 22-year-old nursing student at Georgia State University, but after placing fourth in the sexy Miss USA pageant we expect to see a flashier future.

    Being surrounded by the hardwood her whole life, Jasmyn Wilkins may find herself turning to sports media. At least we're hoping she does.

10. Shantel Jackson

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    Until the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. says the traditional "I do" to his sexy girlfriend, Shantel Jackson will be just another pretty face in the crowd.

    But with a new ring and a marriage likely coming soon, we expect to be seeing more of Miss Jackson.

    We are for real (thank you Outkast).

9. Ciara Price

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    The second pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, Bruins sniper Tyler Seguin has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

    To compliment a Stanley Cup victory in his rookie year, the budding star recruited Playboy Playmate Ciara Price to be his one and only. She'll be a household name before long.

8. Natalie Suliman

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    As he prepares for Euro 2012, Sunderland footballer Kieran Richardson must feel glad to have the jaw-dropping Natalie Suliman by his side.

    But she'll soon be a serious distraction.

7. Lara Alvarez

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    Word has it that Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is dating the "new Sara Carbonero," otherwise known as Lara Alvarez.

    This soccer reporting bombshell seems prepped to displace her fellow beauty as the sexiest reporter on Earth.

6. Lauren Tannehill

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    Ryan Tannehill being chosen eighth-overall by Miami in the 2012 NFL draft was a necessary stepping stone to Lauren's future greatness.

    The attractive WAG, married in January, isn't shy about getting her career off to a quick start.

    From sporting a hot red dress at the draft to fashioning tight pants and short tops for professional magazines, her style never gets old.

    We see a possible Maria Menounos rendition in her future.

5. Jessica Harbour

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    With ring girls like Jessica Harbour, a fast rise to the top of the celebrity food chain is in order.

    Sure, she's already appeared in Maxim, Sullen Clothing, Famous Stars and Straps, American Apparel, Blackberry and WWE Magazine, but the 21-year-old Harbour has only scraped stardom.

    Strikeforce is the ideal launching pad.

4. Lena Gercke

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    Having only dated Real Madrid footballer Sami Khedira since 2011, German fashion model Lena Gercke isn't as worldly known as some might believe.

    She's won Germany's Next Top Model and hosted Austria's Next Top Model, but only recently showed us why she's close to stardom.

    Thank you, GQ.

3. Federica Nargi

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    Italian TV presenter and budding WAG Federica Nargi has somehow flown under the radar for almost a year now.

    But it's now certain that Juventus striker Alessandro Matri will spend the rest of his career battling his beautiful girlfriend for the spotlight.

2. Katsia Zingarevich

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    Despite being named Ford's Supermodel of the World back in 2006, 23-year-old Victoria's Secret bombshell Katsia Zingarevich has remained incognito.

    But the wife of new Reading F.C. owner Anton Zingarevich will soon garner plenty of attention, once she and the Royals complete their historical move to the Premier League for next season.

1. Zaira Nara

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    She's a well-known Argentine model who was engaged to Uruguayan footballer Diego Forlan in March of last year. But Zaira Nara has only just gotten started in the sports world.

    Following her breakup with Forlan, Nara was spotted for the first time watching new boyfriend Juan Monaco slap tennis balls back and forth.

    She's on her way to WAG greatness.