BR5: Sports' Top 5 Trash Talkers of All Time

BR5Daily ShowJune 7, 2012

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The art of trash talking has been around since the dawn of mankind, and has seen no boundaries since.

It is how some of the greatest rivalries in sports have come to be, and what keeps us entertained when the games aren’t being played. 

Without further ado, here is a rundown of all of sports' top five trash talkers of all time: 


Number Five - Kevin Garnett

Garnett's mouth is almost as big as his his imposing seven foot height.

Throughout Kevin's career his trash talking has been consistent, but it hit its zenith in 2010 when he said that Detroit Piston Charlie Villanueva resembled a cancer patient with his lack of hair.

Only problem was, Charlie suffered from alopecia, not cancer. Garnett denied he said it, but the incident forever solidified his place in the trash talking hall of fame.


Number Four - Chad Ocho Cinco

In the age of twitter, few are more prolific or more gifted at the art of gab than number 85.

The crowning example of that was in 2010, when Chad decided to sidestep any one-on-one trash talk in exchange for penning a letter to the entire league advising players to abandon any efforts to cover him. Here's a snippet: "It is against NFL policy to cover Chad Ochocinco man to man.....Please note that he is still the most un-coverable receiver in the league, and that this rule is for the safety of all defensive backs..."

Nowadays Chad is a lot more quiet, and it seems to be more of a rule that Ocho is riding the bench.


Number Three - Floyd Mayweather

Floyd's runaway mouth is almost as legendary as his impeccable record in the ring. Floyd has never been at a loss for words, and when he's featured on HBO's 24/7 he doesn't hold back, using the platform as his personal smack talk sandbox.

His trash talking against former opponent Oscar De La Hoya is pretty famous, but his post fight scrap with Larry Merchant is even more priceless. 


Number Two - Charles Barkley

At number two is the man formerly known as the round mound of rebound, Sir Charles Barkley himself.
Charles has since exchanged his trash talking on the court for talking smack on TNT. One of Barkley’s best recent one-liners was a critique of Boston guard Rajon Rondo’s wardrobe. 
Barkley is often imitated, but never duplicated.


Number One - Rex Ryan

It's not often that a coach out trash talks his players, but Ryan is in a league of his own. No coach in any sport can out-talk Ryan.
If trash talk were wins, the Jets would be Superbowl champs.
Unfortunately for Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tebow don’t do much tough talk themselves—but they do have to back his up.