WWE: Who Should CM Punk Defend His Championship Against After Daniel Bryan?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJune 12, 2012

WWE: Who Should CM Punk Defend His Championship Against After Daniel Bryan?

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    No Way Out is jut one week away and the WWE Universe is going to be treated to another soon-to-be fantastic CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match.

    Though Kane, the big red monster, has now been inserted in this mess, the dynamic of this program has changed dramatically.

    There are a few directions this program can go now, what with A.J.'s recent "flirts" and support of the champion. Whether the time has come to take the title off of Punk remains to be seen, but there should be some worry on the faces of CM fans worldwide.

    I believe he has been a good champion and this is a swerve to make people actually think he is going to lose.

    Now, since anything can happen in WWE, don't be surprised if Kane regains the title next weekend. But...I think he'll retain.

    Should CM Punk remain champion, who should he face after this all blows over? 

    Let's see now...

Kane: One-on-One with the Straightedge One

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    If he isn't going to win on the 17th, then there is no down about it, he will get a rematch.

    As much as I enjoy a good Punk-Bryan match, this decade's WWE is far from what it was in the '80s and '90s, which means feuds don't last long anymore, to everyone's sorrow.

    Kane and the WWE Champion have wrestled a great set of matches lately, and I would really enjoy a pay-per-view encounter between them, one-on-one.

    The big red monster's new look is great and I really hope he goes out in style should this be his last run. John Cena and Randy Orton took some heat out from under him, but like his Titantron says: "The fire still burns!"

    He's still got it, all he needs is a great opponent. CM Punk is that guy.

Time to Step Up to the Plate, Young Guns!

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    The Young Guns, aka The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.

    I still believe in them. They are the future but are stuck in a rut, it seems. No matter, Money In The Bank follows next week's event, so a new star will rise, but who will it be?

    The Miz has been WWE Champion before but has since fallen from grace (whether on screen or for real), Dolph Ziggler is still stuck in midcard hell and Cody Rhodes, the apparent up-and-comer, is made to lose matches in less than five minutes.

    Is this a test? Why not? They will pass the test and move up the ladder real soon. Until then, why not form an alliance and rule the world?

    With so many injuries and suspensions presently, it is time for them to take destiny by the privates and yell: IT'S OUR TIME NOW!

    I sincerely hope any of them get pushed seriously and enter a WWE championship program with CM Punk.

    God knows they've earned it.

The All-Star Main-Eventer

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    John Cena is the franchise player of WWE right now, pending divorce or not.

    He never takes time off and can be inserted in a championship match with but a thought. That being said, at last year's MITB pay-per-view, Captain America and CM Punk had one incredible match for the WWE championship and it ended in controversy: the Straightedge Superstar left the company with the gold.

    Another goodie like that can only do wonders for all parties: the company, the title and the combatants.

    The downside to Cena? What new color would his T-shirts be now? White?

    I'm no John Cena fan, but when he faces people like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar or The Rock, he excels beyond my expectations and that puts a smile on my face.

    Money In The Bank 2012: Punk-Cena III? Who knows?

Playtime Is Over, The Game Is On!

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    Somewhere down the road, this is bound to happen. Triple H must face WWE Champion CM Punk for the title at a huge event like, say, Survivor Series?

    It never happened last year, and neither did the Kevin Nash match either...major fail.

    The Game should return soon and enter a feud with Brock Lesnar over the summer—all evidence points to something like that given their recent altercation. This would be perfect because what could be seen as an alliance against "The Next Big Thing" at first could easily blow up into an ever-impressive program between both Superstars.

    Triple H has not been champion since 2009. It's true he doesn't need this accolade, but the "Hunter" threat could fuel CM Punk's rocket and carry him further up the ladder into an even bigger program...

The Biggest Challenge Yet?

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    Brock Lesnar has been quite the popular subject since his return a few months ago. He took John Cena to limits of which he never dreamed, and now he seems poised to take down the "King of Kings" Triple H over the summer, given the fact that he broke Hunter's arm.

    This man is a wreaking machine. If CM Punk still holds the championship come year's end, there is no doubt about it, these two forces will meet. The outcome will likely affect the events surrounding WrestleMania XXIX.

    I think both the WWE Champion and the former UFC champion are phenomenal performers and would go to any lengths to give the fans what they want: nonstop action and excitement from beginning to end.

    It would be greatly hyped of course, and if it happened at Survivor Series, then surely the classic pay-per-view will have regained some of its lost luster with all this attention. It fits perfectly honestly: "Who will survive?"

    To mark CM Punk's one-year reign, I see no better challenger than "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar in November.

    Maybe that could be a great time to unveil a new title belt, too...how very interesting.

CM Punk Is Still the Champion!

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    Like it or not, that's the truth. CM Punk is the WWE Champion going into the No Way Out event and should come out on top once more. 

    A new breed of challengers is coming and some of his biggest challenges remain. For once, the WWE Universe is getting something special handed to them by the company: a long-term champion. It is great to see they are keeping things steady.

    Daniel Bryan and Kane are worthy of being champions, and they are getting their shot next Sunday. If WWE does right by all three men, then they should have the honor of closing the show, nothing less.

    As the top champion in the business, CM Punk should command it.