Who's Got the Best NFL Rookie Swag?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountJune 7, 2012

In today’s sports world, swag matters. These are the facts. You just can’t escape player’s swag or lack thereof. Swag cannot be bought or faked; you either have it or you don’t. Just ask any player, and he'll say it’s almost impossible to score a touchdown, make a tackle, complete a pass or make any play without swag. 

There are many types of swag. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Where is my Swag?” Is it in your socks? Is your swag within your dance moves after a celebration? Maybe you’re a running back and you might look back at your opponent after a failed tackle attempt. Are you a quarterback that roams out of the pocket to get the first down? 

Players are often credited for their off-the-field swag, always dressing to impress. Trimmed and groomed beards, perfectly lined haircuts, having the most bench press reps and even tattoos! 

Whatever your swag is, wherever it comes from, people will take notice. We caught up with some NFL rookies to find out who has the most swag between all the rookies. Who do you believe is the Champion of Swag?