Why OKC Thunder Should Be Heavy Title Favorites

Ethan Sherwood StraussNBA Lead WriterJune 7, 2012

A common joke after the Chris Bosh injury was that the "real" NBA Finals were happening out West. That might be an exaggeration, as probability isn't inevitability, but OKC has to come in as the finals favorites. 

The only real knock against this team is "inexperience," but can you really lob that after what we just witnessed?

The Thunder went down 0-2 against the league's best offense and made the proper adjustments to slow its pick-and-roll attack. OKC weathered the storm and unleashed four games of bristling hell on the experienced Manu-Duncan-Parker-Pop crew. 

The physically imposing Thunder gnash their way to the line, with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook getting there seemingly at will.

OKC leads the league in free-throw attempt rate, and the foul-avoiding Spurs couldn't keep from hacking. Miami and Boston both struggle to keep from fouling opponents, and the Thunder should find even more success at the stripe in the 2012 NBA Finals.