WWE: 9 Wrestlers Who Could Be Signed to Help Fill out the Roster

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 7, 2012

WWE: 9 Wrestlers Who Could Be Signed to Help Fill out the Roster

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    Right now, the WWE roster is really thin. Some top performers in the company are out due to reasons such as injury (Mark Henry) or suspensions (Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio).

    This has had a really deep impact on the quality of shows that the WWE produces. 

    With WWE RAW going to three hours weekly starting in July, they are in a position where they are going to need more “names” to fill out their card.

    I have compiled a list of nine talents which are available to be signed and can be of great help to the WWE at this time.

    Not all the names on this list are able to be “main-eventers” in the company.  However, they can lend a hand in filling out the roster which is quite thin at this time.


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    Batista is someone who would be an instant main event in the company.

    The issue here would be whether he actually would want to come back. All reports of Batista’s departure from the WWE show that he left the company by his own choice.

    In recent interviews, Batista has noted that he was unhappy with the PG direction that the WWE had taken. He has left the door open to returning to the WWE.  However, he would obviously like to have an edgier product.

    My gut tells me that he will return some day. When that day will be is a harder question to answer.

John Morrison

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    John Morrison has mostly stepped away from the wrestling business following his departure from WWE in 2011. He has only made limited indy wrestling appearances.

    Recently, he was a guest on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast and he noted that he would like to return to WWE someday.

    My thought is why not now? WWE could really use him at this point. I’d give it a shot. He could at the very least be an upper level mid-carder.


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    MVP has made a splash in the Japanese wrestling world since his departure from WWE.

    It was puzzling to me why they allowed MVP to leave the company in the first place. He was a very good wrestler, he was quite popular and he has the size that the WWE likes to market.

    MVP has stated that he wanted to leave the WWE to go wrestle in Japan. It would seem to me that WWE could possibly sign him if he would be willing to come back to the company.

    I am not sure that he would be a main-event wrestler, but at the very least he could strengthen the mid-card. 


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    Finlay had been working for the WWE as a producer before being released last year. Last time he was in the ring, it was obvious that he still had the ability to go.

    Maybe he wouldn’t have an opportunity to work backstage, but his presence in the ring could bring instant credibility to the mid-card of WWE. 

    This is the same company that employed “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in the mid 2000’s to team with Super Crazy on the undercard. Why not hire Finlay for a similar role?

Colt Cabana

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    Colt Cabana is probably the most known indy wrestler not signed by WWE at this time.

    Colt’s previous run with the company as “Scotty Goldman” was less than exciting. However, he could be made an instant star with a little help from his buddy CM Punk.

    Cabana can go in the ring and he already has a fan following from his days in Ring of Honor and his current podcast “the Art of Wrestling.”

    I think that he could deliver if he was called upon.

Scott Steiner

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    Scott Steiner does have some age on him, but it would be cool to see him in a feud with John Cena.

    I think Steiner has another run at the top in him.  However, the worst case scenario is that he would end up as a solid mid-carder.

    Clearly he is not the “future” of the WWE, but he could help them over the hump as they ready new stars.

Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy has had a tough couple of years. His last run with the WWE did not end well, either. This makes him one of the least likely on this list to be re-signed.

    However, the bright side would be that he is a good worker inside of the ring. He could really help the company as they work to build new guys.

    I would not suggest that they invest highly in Matt Hardy, but he could help them solidify the roster. He still has some star power (though not the level of his brother Jeff) and his in ring work is still good. He would be a solid mid-carder.

Tommy Dreamer

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    Tommy Dreamer would never be more than undercard fodder for WWE at this point in his career. Yet, everyone knows who he is and what he would have to offer. Tommy has always been solid in the ring and would be an asset who could work with younger superstars.

    Though Tommy Dreamer did leave the WWE and go to TNA, WWE has been willing to forgive this in the past with other wrestlers.

    I don’t see a downside for WWE; I say go for it.

Kevin Thorn

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    Kevin Thorn hasn’t been seen on the national level since ECW morphed into NXT. However, Thorn is still active in the Chicago indies.

    WWE has liked Thorn in the past and even tried to make him into a version of The Undertaker known as “Mordecai.”

    However, he has never been able to find his niche. The guy has the size that the WWE looks for in their wrestlers. I would suggest that WWE dig him up, repackage him and give him another shot. All videos I have seen of him appear that he has gotten into really good shape.