NBA Free Agency 2012: 10 Best Available Point Guards Not Named Deron Williams

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIJune 7, 2012

NBA Free Agency 2012: 10 Best Available Point Guards Not Named Deron Williams

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    Looking over the list of upcoming NBA free agents, one name sticks out among the rest: Deron Williams. He is one of the elite point guards in the game and obviously the best available for his position this offseason.

    Well, let the media cover him all they want, but only one team will get him and there will be a load of other teams looking for a new point.

    Here are 10 guys that those said teams will chase.

Aaron Brooks

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    Aaron Brooks is set to come back to the NBA after spending last season in China. Simply put, Brooks can score.While that is not really what a team tends to look for in a point guard, he can help teams that need someone who can actually be a scoring threat.

    Brooks is one of the more streakier shooters in the league and is known for some terrible shooting decisions, but multiple teams will chase him.

    He has stated that he is willing to come off the bench, which is a plus for someone as one dimensional as he is.

    The biggest concern at this point is the fact that he was outplayed by Stephon Marbury during the Chinese Basketball Association title game. Needless to say, that is not the type of luck you want to bring to the NBA.

Chauncey Billups

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    Yes, Chauncey Billups is still in the league and he is set to be a free agent this year. His injury will have him out until January, so there shouldn’t be much buzz surrounding him this season.

    However, his leadership ability combined with his shooting will no doubt cause a young team to sign him on to be the leader off the bench.

    He is as clutch as you can get and is one of the most respected players in this league. He is going to be 36 when he comes back, but I would be shocked if he is not productive coming off the bench for one of the top teams in the league.

Goran Dragic

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    Before I start, I want to wish Dragic a happy birthday, the young point guard turned 26 today.

    Dragic just finished the best season of his career in which he saw his minutes increase from 18 minutes to over 26. He is a multidimensional guard who can score in a variety of ways and has good floor vision.

    Whether he can be a starter is not easy to say considering he was inconsistent in the role while in Houston. The team that signs him most likely will put him on the bench as the Sixth Man.

    Dragic still has room to grow and he has the character and confidence to do it.

Andre Miller

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    Andre Miller has accepted his role of a backup point guard very graciously, and while he wants to start next year, I don’t think that will happen. Miller is all about hustle and patience, something that has been his game his whole career.

    He can still penetrate and has a very high basketball IQ to counter his lack of athleticism.

    Miller is also no doubt not trying to be another point guard who finishes his career without a championship, something that usually has a very negative impact on legacy.

    Definitely expect Miller to sign with a contender and try to chase the ring of power.

Ramon Sessions

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    Sessions has come to L.A. and is now one of the crowd favorites. Well, by favorite I mean favorite player to see on the bench.

    He is not a bad point guard, but he has not been a good fit in L.A. and I doubt there are many Lakers fans (if any) that want to see him back. He is fast, he still has some growing to do, and he is incredibly inconsistent.

    I am not sure if he is really fit as an everyday starter in the league, but he can definitely be a good change of pace guy coming off the bench. If everything goes as it should that is exactly the role he will fill next season.

Kirk Hinrich

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    Hinrich saw a bit of a down year this year, but personally I feel it to be no more than an isolated incident.

    He saw a dip in minutes and he struggled with injuries, and with those two factors considered he really had a pretty solid year.

    He is another good bench producer for a team who provides great defense and a reliable supporting jump shot. He is in his 30s, so this is by no means a long-term investment, but it’s a very good short-term solution.

Jason Kidd

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    Kidd is the oldest player on this list at 39, but unfortunately it’s getting to that point in his career where it’s a little hard to watch him play.

    He is not bad, but for someone with as storied a career as Kidd has had it is tough to see him struggle on both ends of the court.

    His conditioning is definitely not what it used to be and his game is now completely reliant on his basketball I.Q. Few players play until they are 40 years old, and even fewer have seen success after their fourth decade on earth.

    Kidd needs to be very careful and walk away sooner rather than later, because sticking around too long is not a good thing.

D.J. Augustin

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    It is very difficult to judge a point guard who is coming from the worst team in the entire league. Point guards run the team, but when there is absolutely no talent on said team, it is unfair to judge the player.

    Augustin is a young player who, from a statistical standpoint, took a major step back this season. He is only 24 years old and still has a ton of potential if placed in a surrounding where he can grow and develop.

    I can’t see his game taking any progress in Charlotte, and despite how loyal Augustin might be, he needs to change uniforms.

Jeremy Lin

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    Jeremy Lin has insane potential, and is really one of the less talked about guards on the market (sarcasm). He is only 23 years old and has all the physical tools to be successful in this league.

    His turnovers are a problem, but he is a streaky scorer and a disruptive defender who will be highly coveted in free agency.

    He brings confidence teams are looking for in their point guard and considering his fan base, small market teams might want to get him just to increase their attendance.

    I have no doubt that Lin will develop into a top point guard one day and I could see a team offer him a long contract with the same hope in mind.

Steve Nash

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    Easily the best point guard on the market this year. I know that’s not an all too surprising call coming from a Suns fan, but I think most would agree.

    Nash is currently 38 years old, which makes his incredible production downright amazing. He is one of the best shooters in NBA history, which is a good complement to his incredible court vision and passing abilities.

    He has been able to accomplish so much in his career, all the while having less than impressive rosters. Though, there is one thing that he has missed his whole career: an NBA championship.

    Nash wants to win and he wants to win fast. Contending teams like the Lakers, Heat and New York are all possible destinations, and I would be shocked to see Nash sign with any other team.

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