Why We Watch: New York Rangers Fans Lament Shaving the Playoff Beards

Why We Watch@@WhyWeWatchOfficial AccountJune 6, 2012

We've shown you the history of the NHL playoff beards. Next on Why We Watch, we show you the beards becoming history!

The players from the Islanders' 1980s dynasty are believed to be the originators of growing facial hair in unison during the playoffs. It certainly worked for them—the Islanders are the last North American pro sports franchise to win four straight championships.

A couple of big New York Rangers fans here in the Bleacher Report New York City office are in mourning since the New Jersey Devils ousted the Rangers in the Eastern Conference finals.

Kevin and Casey were so intent on following their favorite hockey team this postseason that they grew their facial hair in support of the Rangers' chase of Lord Stanley's Cup. The Rangers were looking for their first NHL title since 1994.

Unfortunately, the Blueshirts' run came to an end, and so the end comes to those beards!

Check out the guys' take on why they did it, and see them take the razor to their face and reduce those playoff beards to barbershop-floor sweep-aways.


Producer: Ryan O'Leary, Aimee Denaro

Camera: Amir Ebrahimi

Special Thanks: Kevin Losani, Casey DeMarco