Aftermath of an Embarrassment

Ranger NationCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

I laughed last night.

Not only did I laugh, but I laughed hard.

Last night was a pure definition of what New York Rangers hockey is like in the year 2009. And it's only February.

I didn't want to write this last night as I needed a night to digest what went wrong, who to blame, etc., but I am not going to do that because the blame falls on 95% of the organization. Instead I will write about who is NOT to blame.

- Markus Naslund
- Paul Mara
- Ryan Callahan
- Petr Prucha
- Nikolai Zherdev
- Dmitri Kalinin
- Marc Staal
- Henrik Lundqvist
- Benoit Allaire
- Blair Betts, Fredrik Sjostrom, and Colton Orr

These are the players that I am not blaming for the season that we are having. Granted, Kalinin was terrible in most of the first half, but he has since pulled it out and has been VERY solid in the last 15-16 games for the Blueshirts.

Paul Mara has been a true leader on this club as I believe Chris Drury to be a waste and a disgrace to the "C" on his jersey. Yes, this is coming from a guy who loves Chris Drury as a player.

The team lacks leadership, something that couldve been solved with a $400,000 contract with the name Brendan Shanahan on it, but general manager Glen Sather sat back and watched him go to the division rivals across the Hudson River, who are now also in a very big first place lead minus Martin Brodeur.

As I said, I will not blame anyone for last night because I am tired of naming names. I am tired of wasting $169 a year on a Center Ice package to see a team struggle all season long to score goals and play defense only to get wiped out in the playoffs by a team they could easily handle if the circumstances (and coaching staff) were different.

If you honestly believe the New York Rangers will win playoff games with a first line pairing of Michal Rozsival/Wade Redden and a first line of Gomez/Voros/Naslund (minus Naslund as he is playing beyond expectations) than not only do you have a ton of faith, but you must be an avid church goer and a true believer of dreams.