WWE: Does the Company Actually Need More or Less Championships?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJune 7, 2012

Less is more in this case. Image by theinfamousjcity.com
Less is more in this case. Image by theinfamousjcity.com

Recently, WWE Champion CM Punk stated (source: Mr. 561 at SEScoops) that the company is planning to finally change the hideous "Spinner" title belt. Hallelujah!

With that happy thought in mind, I begin to wonder, what else does Vince McMahon have in mind for his WWE Universe?

May I suggest unifying some championships and bringing up the quality of championship matches?

As it is now, they are of good quality, no question there, but the various mid-card titles are hardly taken seriously, except maybe the Intercontinental Championship. It has gone through a face lift recently and since then seems to be on its way back up as the true second-tier title in WWE.

What does that say about the rest? There is no longer any real need for a United States Championship is there? It has become obsolete and needs to die just like its mother WCW did.

If they keep it alive, then it should be a third-tier and perhaps even be counted in the Grand Slam recipe.

Now, having less championships and a three-hour television program every week could be a starting point in revamping the WWE product as a whole. There is always a personnel cleanup during the summer is there not? So that would also be a factor in reducing the number of titles and have a more quality feel to it rather than quantity.

What's the point of having too much gold if the entire divisions are in chaos? Your main events aren't even for the WWE Championship anymore and that is sad, sad, sad!

In a "less means more" world, Night of Champions could look like this:

WWE Championship match

Intercontinental Championship match

Divas Championship match

Tag Team Championship match

King of the Ring final match (winner becomes the No. 1 contender and goes to Survivor Series)

King of the Ring semifinal match

King of the Ring semifinal match

A perfect world really. This is not up for debate, I know I'm right.

It is really a shame when titles and championships are treated like props to be passed between people every few months. This way, with less belts around, they would be vied by many and start meaning something again.

Maybe it isn't for nothing RAW is going to three hours soon. More quality Divas matches and new tag teams would make EVERYONE happy. Keep your two world titles until the time will come when both champions will attempt to supplant the other, it is inevitable and would make for a magnificent WrestleMania XXIX or XXX main event.

I'd bet my soul that title unification happens within the next two years. Any takers?