A-Rod's legacy has just been made

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IFebruary 7, 2009

So now we know how Alex Rodriguez maintained all those years of great play. He cheated! With the recent news of A-Fraud's steroid use, the hammer should be dropped hard on this loon.

The whirlwind surrounding Rodriguez hit the tip of the iceberg today with the news that he tested positive for anabolic steroids and testosterone. Bud Selig can't be too thrilled about this.

There were no restrictions in 2003 if a player used performance-enhancing drugs. This new revelation of what many believed to be true further embarrasses the Major League Baseball organization. Remember when Jose Canseco came out and ratted on several top MLB players (including A-Rod) that steroids had been used?

He's looking more and more as that important messenger people like to hear about. Furthermore, since it wasn't a rule in 2003, what can the voters, writers and fans alike do to rag on A-Rod? He's already known as a choke artist in the playoffs. With this supposed incident, how far will his reputation, and career, go from here?