NFL Officials Being Replaced? Will NFL Players Start NBA Flopping?

Derek CrouseContributor IIIJune 6, 2012

Will NFL Officials play too big of a role in 2012?
Will NFL Officials play too big of a role in 2012?Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The modern athlete has become stronger, bigger, faster and many times smarter. Numerous NBA players are in the spotlight for their acting roles as much as their jump shot.

The term flopping isn’t anything new to the NBA fan, but it has gotten well out of hand. Ever since the heavy enforcement of hand-checking in the 2004-2005 season, players have tried to gain an edge whatever way possible. The flop is one part of the arsenal that many players have perfected.

Will NFL players use the same strategy if they have replacement officials in the 2012 season with changes of how the game is being called?

The officials have a very tough job in differentiating between what is acting and reacting. They are a hero when they see the flop, but are the goat when they hand out an Oscar.

Honestly, the referees are only one part of the problem.

Refs are catching a lot of flak for the calls on the floor, but the players are the ones committing the action. Whether it is taking a charge by sliding to the spot, holding your body like you were shot or begging and pleading for a whistle, the players should be getting most of the blame.

The health of an athlete is something that has been at the forefront of the sports landscape.

The NFL has done a complete 180 from the philosophy of the way to play. Whether that is good or bad for the game is for the people to decide.

The effect of the NFL’s recent move guarding the health of players has trickled to other sports. We have seen all types of personal fouls as well as contact be called much tighter as of late. From flagrant fouls in the NBA, bean balls in the MLB, to even head shots in the NHL after losing their cash cow in Sidney Crosby from a major concussion.

Will the stars be protected even more than ever before?
Will the stars be protected even more than ever before?Rob Carr/Getty Images

While the well-being of the athlete is what leagues promote, the underlying reason is they are looking out for their investments in the long run.

The NBA has been notorious for giving stars preferential treatment when it comes to fouls. Will the new enforcement of safety in the NFL have the same correlation to star quarterbacks and wide receivers getting special treatment?

Now that the NFL is in their official second year of having a so called “strike-zone” enforced by referees, will the players take some of the acting skills of NBA players?

Cornerbacks can barely check wide receivers at the line already. Will the bump-and-run defense end up costing defenses 15 yards over a receiver falling just a bit harder when they are checked?

How will a referee judge when a safety puts a blind side hit on an unsuspecting receiver if he wants to pull a Paul Pierce or Vlade Divac? Quarterbacks are already a couple steps away from wearing a red jersey!

The referees are going to have a much tougher job in the NFL because they will be under a microscope.

The NFL is currently dealing with problems internally with their referees. Referees deserve a raise in the NFL purely due to the fact that their job has gotten harder. While the game officials were offered an increase in their pay, the NFL would like to freeze and terminate their pension plan.

With the news of the NFL training new officials because of a potential strike, how will inexperienced referees be able to make judgment calls that they have no real experience with? Will the players and coaches discuss any of these issues in their game plan?

When officials start seeing offensive players begging and pleading on the gridiron for a flag, how will they react? You can count on the officiating being an integral part of the NFL this season. Whether that is good or bad is for the people to decide.