WWE No Way out 2012: Can Big Show and John Cena Deliver a Quality Main Event?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 6, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

CM Punk may be WWE Champion, but make no mistake about it, John Cena is still the undisputed No. 1 star on the show.

It must be deeply frustrating for Punk, but at a time when business is down and ratings are floundering, WWE insist on rallying around Cena and centering the promotion on him.

As expected, his current feud with The Big Show (who turned heel at Over the Limit when he ran in and assaulted Cena, leading the star to be pinned by John Laurinaitis in their match) has dominated WWE TV, with the current Punk/Kane/Bryan saga taking a back seat.

It's likely that the Cena/Big Show grudge bout will snag the main event spot at No Way Out, too, with both title matches being shoved (once again) down the card. It’s a sad indictment of the status of the belts, but with neither Punk nor Sheamus demonstrating that they are anything close to a draw of Cena’s levels, it may be necessary.  

But will the Show/Cena match be a quality main event on June 17? And one deserving of the top spot?

Examining all the factors, it's difficult to say. On paper, their bout looks to have a few problems.

For one thing, Cena and Big Show have never had a huge amount of chemistry in the ring when they've faced each other in the past. Most of their matches have been clunky, boring and sloppy, with neither appearing to give it their all.

Their opener at WrestleMania 20 was a dull snooze-fest. Their submission match at the 2009 Extreme Rules pay-per-view was also mediocre. Nor have any of their (mundane) televised bouts ever amounted to much, either.  

They're both hard workers, capable of having tremendous matches with other people, but for whatever reason, they simply don't click together. Looking at their track record, hopes can surely not be high that they can deliver a quality match at No Way Out.

However, both have upped their game lately: Cena's match at Extreme Rules last month with Brock Lesnar was spectacular, with Cena taking an incredibly brutal beating at the hands of the former UFC World Heavyweight Champion. The Big Show, too, has renewed his efforts recently as he attempts to get his new heel monster character over.

WWE's creative team, mindful of the duo's tedious matches in the past, should also cater the bout to their strengths. Certainly the duo shouldn't be going any longer than 15 minutes, and there should also be a run-in or two (presumably from Laurinaitis or David Otunga) to keep things lively. While they have made a great deal of mistakes recently, even they should be able to figure that one out.

With all this in mind, maybe the two will go into No Way Out and deliver a cracking main event, after all. Cena, in particular, has a reputation of going into matches in which no one is expecting much and surpassing everyone's expectations. It's far from a sure thing, but it's very possible.

With its shocking swerves, dramatic promos and great storytelling, Big Show vs. Cena has so far proved to be a compelling, riveting program on WWE television. Hopefully, Big Show and Cena's match at No Way Out can live up to the hype.