Demand Perfection Only If You Are Perfect

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2009

Silence is second nature to me. I usually don't talk that much, but someone must say something about this. I just felt that it's my duty as one of the "Imperfects" to explain our "Imperfection."

Last year people, especially the mainstream media, put one of my (our) fellow "Imperfects," Michael Phelps, in a pinnacle of greatness.

This year, he admitted that he is smoking marijuana after photos of his pot smoking incident spread everywhere.

Is smoking marijuana bad? Yes...

Is it justified by saying "Even an ex-president admitted that he smokes Marijuana"? No...

Still we should always remember Phelps is just your ordinary 23-year-old. Behind the camera he is just like each and everyone of us. I'm sure that you (yes, you) are imperfect in many ways. If someone would come to me and say that he has no flaws and shortcomings I'll definitely stop writing, I'm serious.

He is a role model indeed, but do you think that being a role model demands perfection in everything?

Reflect...Think of a perfect life, perfect story, perfect world. Describe it, one word...Boring!

Remember who are all just like Phelps (even if you don't use Marijuana).

One last thing, I'll stand true to my word. If someone is to claim that he's perfect...well I'll just have to stop writing and make full use of the keyboard. LOL!!