WWE News: Reason Behind Vince McMahon's Return to TV Revealed

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 6, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

As we all know Vince McMahon is slated to return to WWE airwaves next week. As the storyline plays out, McMahon is supposed to be doing a live job evaluation for Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis.

This gimmick is a great way to reintroduce McMahon to TV and gives "The Boss" a nice pop upon return—especially considering Johnny Ace is probably one of the most hated authority figures fans have seen in a long time.

Now, news is surfacing that Vinny Mac is coming back to help boost the ever-sinking Raw ratings.

According to wrestlinginc.com:

Vince McMahon's return to television on next Monday's Raw SuperShow is being done in response to the program's disappointing ratings figures in recent weeks. He will kick off the three-hour show with an evaluation of John Laurinaitis' job performance as General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, which company officials are hopeful will boost first hour viewership.

The show was originally pegged as the second choice for the date of the annual WWE Draft. However, with so many wrestlers working both Raw and SmackDown, the idea was dropped.

If McMahon is returning, he needs to be around for more than one night. Ultimately, one spike in the ratings does not always turn into a trend, especially now as we are headed into the summer months and families are going out more for parties, vacations, etc.

I know I am going to take a lot of flack for this next statement, but oh well: Mr. Excitement is playing the perfect heel management role. He is not too over the top, he is acting just like a corporate stooge who is enjoying his time in the limelight.

The fact is, Laurinaitis should not be trying to be a Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, or Paul Heyman—he should just be what he is. Yes, the ratings have not been good of late, but that can't all be placed on Laurinaitis' shoulders, considering the WWE has witnessed a huge change in its landscape.

Think about it—it doesn't have access to The Rock, Brock Lesnar's wrestling on a limited basis, several stars are either injured or suspended, and John Cena is in a bit of a slump, both professionally and personally.

The WWE needs to figure out how to utilize its existing talent and attempt to make stars out of them. Let's face it: Most of the current main-eventers are in their mid-to-late 30s, while a handful are in their 40s.

This is a great time to build up new talent. As we all have witnessed, the WWE goes in cycles. Sometimes it's red-hot and other times it seems to be lacking direction.

Right now it seems to be the latter.

In the end, McMahon's return may not even be enough to save the ratings. However, it should make for some good TV and will grab the casual fans' attention.