Can UGA Win a National Championship?

Travis HitsonCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Can UGA make it to the top of the mountain in college football? Honestly I just don't know anymore. It seems to me every year UGA has great recruiting classes and great expectations, but something always seems to go south. Don't get me wrong Mark Richt is top notch but for some reason his UGA teams seem to just have a couple of games a year where they just seem to have no heart.

This past year was the monster of expectation, but with injuries and the Alabama first half from hell and the Gators just putting it on us, and finally Tech just making us look like Pop Warner kids on D. I think UGA fans came to the conclusion we were just an average team with overrated dreams.

So the question is still there can UGA do it?

Watch out. I think Joe Cox will make the bulldog nation forget about Matthew Stafford right after the signature cheer of the sides: GGGGGGGEEEEOOORRRRGGGGIIAAAA BUUUUUUUULLLLLDDDDOOOOGS!