AC Milan: Most Overhyped Players on the Rossoneri Roster

Charlie Melman@@charliemelmanCorrespondent IIJune 6, 2012

AC Milan: Most Overhyped Players on the Rossoneri Roster

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    Every team, no matter the sport, will always have a share of players who either perceive themselves or are perceived as a cut above the rest.

    Many times, a player's ego will get the better of them. Many times, the press will become enamored with a particular skill that a player has or a good patch of form that he or she might go through.

    However, the class is regularly simply not there.

    AC Milan are certainly no exception to this rule. The Rossoneri have several players who have either failed to live up to expectations at the San Siro or have had them set too high by fans and the community in general.

    To stir a bit of debate, let's pick out five of the most overrated players wearing the red and black of Milan at the moment.

Djamel Mesbah

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    Why a player of Djamel Mesbah's quality is playing for a club like AC Milan is baffling to me.

    Signed from Lecce in January, the 27-year-old Algerian international with only 12 caps to his name has made a smattering of appearances, and none of them have been memorable at all.

    His performance in the second leg of Milan's Champions League showdown with Arsenal was particularly terrible. Mesbah was manhandled on the left wing throughout the game and gave up a penalty that almost proved decisive.

Philippe Mexes

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    Transfer rumors surrounding Mexes were flying everywhere you looked last summer, and I doubt that many AC Milan fans are happy that he came to the club.

    It's not that Mexes is a poor defender, but he has shown himself to be woefully average on many occasions.

    His mobility is good, but his positional sense and jumping ability are nothing special. When he was healthy, he often received a starting spot alongside Thiago Silva, since Alessandro Nesta is 36 years old.

    Unless Milan's transfer fee was relatively small, Mexes was not worth the money.

Mathieu Flamini

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    Since leaving Arsenal on a free transfer a few years back, Mathieu Flamini's career has really gone downhill quickly.

    Beset by recent injuries, he has not got anything remotely close to the playing time he enjoyed in earlier years because Milan simply had better options in midfield.

    Flamini plays a balanced central midfield role, but there is nothing remotely impressive about the Frenchman nowadays, and he spends most of his time on the pitch whining at referees.

Alexandre Pato

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    Pato was a much more lethal striker when he first arrived at Milan, and his reputation has allowed him to be forgiven for some really poor form as concerns over burnout mount.

    To be fair, Pato was hit with a series of tough injuries this season, and had little time to find his form. However, he was not productive at all when he did play.

    One goal in 11 Serie A games really tells the story for him, but there has not been much fan discord or aggravation over his poor performances and subsequent benchings due to what he has done for the club in the past.

    Perhaps he would have been well-advised to accept a move to PSG when he had it on the table in January.


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    Robinho is obviously a great player, but his skills have undoubtedly diminished over the last few seasons. A few years ago, we might have been talking about the Brazilian becoming one of the best players in the world.

    For all his trickery and light feet, Robinho is a bit of a lightweight, and can definitely get pushed around a bit by any player who really tries to play him physically.

    When his flashy bag of tricks and flicks fail to yield positive results, he is prone to pathetic flopping, making poor decisions and arguing with referees.

    Robinho might once have been one of the best players in Italy, but now he's just among the most overhyped and overrated.