Furkan Aldemir to L.A. Clippers: Scouting Report, Video Highlights and Analysis

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJune 28, 2012

For the eighth time in NBA history, a Turkish-born player will be headed to the NBA. This time around, it will be power forward Furkan Aldemir making his country proud as he fulfills every child's lifelong dream.

The question is, what will Aldemir do once he's hit the floor?


What Aldemir Brings to the Team

Furkan Aldemir is an outstanding rebounder who is not afraid to bang in the paint. He is very good at fighting for position and utilizes his hips and footwork in an adequate manner while boxing out. While the rest of his game needs polishing, this trait alone could make him a name worth knowing.

The best comparison for Aldemir may be to one of his fellow countrymen: Omer Asik of the Chicago Bulls. While Asik has a distinct size advantage over Aldemir, both are high-energy players who give 100 percent on a nightly basis. Both are also going to crash the boards and fight on the interior to make the necessary stops and help their team win.


What Experts Are Saying

Like many European players, scouts aren't quite sure what to expect from Aldemir. While he's proven to be an elite rebounder, many are uncertain as to whether or not he's polished enough in other areas to contribute at the NBA level.

According to Chad Ford, at least one of his traits should be transferable.

Aldemir is one of the best rebounders in the Euroleague, but the rest of his game still needs a lot of work. He's undersized for his position, isn't an elite athlete and isn't a great scorer inside or outside. But rebounding does seem to translate at the next level.

Furkan Aldemir isn't going to be hyped as the next European star. What he will be, however, is a consistent contributor on the boards from day one.


Rookie Impact

It's hard to imagine Furkan Aldemir receiving much playing time as a rookie, but don't rule out the possibility just yet. His skills on the glass are above average for a player of his age, which makes him a potential rotational favorite.

The biggest hurdle for Aldemir will be proving whether or not he can contribute on the offensive end of the floor. He's just an average athlete, which means his potential to play above the rim will be limited. This forces Aldemir to rely on his offensive fundamentals, which are far from polished.

Don't expect big minutes. Just don't be surprised to see his playing time increase due to injuries or a need for another interior body.