WWE No Way Out 2012: Why AJ Lee's Involvement Will Cost CM Punk the WWE Title

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 6, 2012


Hello, CM Punk. Let me introduce you to AJ Lee, the WWE’s version of the Black Widow.

Don’t be frightened about anything, just be keenly aware of what is going on with the psychotic one and stand your ground.

Oh, and be prepared to lose the WWE Title at No Way Out.

I know this was supposed to be a title match, and a good one at that, with your old pal Daniel Bryan, who kicked Miss Lee to the curb after he lost his World Title to Sheamus in a stellar 18 seconds, but when that happened, everything in the WWE changed. Bryan became your No. 1 contender, and Sheamus is now mired in a battle with Alberto Del Rio.

Funny how things change.

Oh, sorry, getting back to your upcoming match with Daniel Bryan, Kane has entered the picture, as well.

Miss Lee will cause you nothing but trouble. She is sheepishly shy and full of surprises, and she changes moods about as much as a normal person changes their clothes.

Better be careful about that one. It looks like she is conspiring again. And this time, she seems to have Kane’s number. Remember what I said the other day: AJ doesn’t necessarily like you; she likes the gold around your waist.

Call it greed or cruelty or just foolishness. What I call it is a bad plot written by WWE creative in an effort to show that a woman can get between a man and his chance at greatness. And as we have seen in the past with other Divas (Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable), they all seem to cause some emotion when it comes to the men they stand behind in or out of a wrestling ring.

You haven’t had the need for a Diva in your corner until now, so why worry about it, right?

Well, you need to worry about it. Monday night’s actions proved that she is a manipulative force. When the Big Red Machine can stop in his tracks and seem mystified by her smirk and charm, there is bound to be trouble.

Remember: Never trust a small butt and a smile, my friend (thanks, Bell Biv Devo). And in this case, never trust a cute girl who wants her hands on anyone who may have gold around his waist.

Just the fact you seemed perplexed the other night tells me you do not have your mind on the prize and could be scatterbrained. Don’t fall into the trap. Somehow, some way, she will get to you when you are least expecting it. And that could spell victory for Daniel Bryan or, more likely, Kane.

You have been warned.