NBA Draft 2012: Likely Busts the Philadelphia 76ers Must Avoid

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIJune 6, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: Likely Busts the Philadelphia 76ers Must Avoid

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    After a near-collapse late in the regular season followed by a surprising playoff run, it is hard to decide what to make of the current Philadelphia 76ers squad and its draft needs. While those needs are apparent, there are many bust-worthy players who will falsely seem to satisfy those needs.

    The Sixers are very young, talented and athletic, but a bad draft pick in this round could severely damage the team's future as a potential contender. Missing on overvalued talent isn't an option.

    Here are some very likely busts that the Sixers should avoid.

Jared Sullinger, PF Ohio State

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    While Jared Sullinger is a very skilled college player, he isn't worthy of the pick that Philadelphia would be using on him. That may come as a surprise, especially considering that Sullinger has been considered a lottery-level talent for most of his college career.

    However, Sullinger's lack of athleticism will catch up to him in the NBA. He struggles to produce against bigger and stronger players, and he'll face each on a nightly basis at the professional level. He's more skilled than most college post players, but that won't be enough to get by in the NBA.

Austin Rivers, G Duke

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    The Sixers will be looking for a player who can create their own shot and score more than the guys they have. While Rivers seems like a good option, he isn't for this team at all. For a team that shares the ball better than most and is very big on ball movement, Rivers would stick out like a sore thumb as a isolation-type player who breaks down his opponent to get his own shot.

    Rivers might not be a bust for some teams, but the Sixers need a different player than him. They need someone who can score with and without the ball in his hands, and Rivers hasn't proven that he can do that consistently.

Dion Waiters, G Syracuse

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    While Dion Waiters could be a pretty decent player for another team, he'd be a big bust for the 76ers. As a combo guard who isn't a true point but doesn't appear to be a true shooting guard either, Waiters would be a bit of a tweener.

    Seeing as how Philly already has Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner who could be considered similar tweeners, Waiters would merely get lost in the shuffle, especially since he isn't as talented as any of those guys. The Sixers need a difference-maker for right now, and Waiters wouldn't be one.

Jeremy Lamb, SG Connecticut

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    One very important piece that the Sixers will be looking to add in this draft is a good three-point shooter. Jeremy Lamb isn't the right guy for that job.

    While Lamb is better than Connecticut's season indicated last year, his 33 percent shooting from the college three-point line isn't good enough to fit what Philly needs. While he is a pretty good all around player other than that, Lamb is pretty much more of what Philly already has, and that won't improve the team.