Ray Emery: Let's Get Something Straight

Sara Van CriekingenContributor IMarch 7, 2008

So he's on everyone's mind lately. Certainly not on the NHL's most wanted list. His off-ice antics have scored him a back seat to the "Darth Gerber" show. But where do you draw the line with Ray Emery?

He has issues with authority apparently, not to mention the media capitalizing on his shenanigans.Do his alleged speeding tickets actually have anything to do with his puck stopping skills?Don't bring his personal life into the game. Everyone has a dark spot in their rear view mirror.

Clearly the net minder isn't even the problem for the Ottawa Senators. Where is the defence? Where is the stick to stick passing? Where are the Ottawa heros that swept the city onto Elgin Street for a parade every game during the playoffs?

John Paddock was not fired because of Emery. He was fired because he did not deal with the situation. He should have sent him to Binghamton. There was, however no excuse for Ray being late, he could have given a courtesy call at the least. But John Paddock sat around.  He took a back seat driver position. He said go left and the team decided to go right. Where does that leave the team?

Right now they are grasping for every last chance. Had John Paddock dealt with Ray Emery from the beginning, the team would have had his back. Now John has left the team divided. Some who feel Ray Emery is an uphill battle. Some who appreciate his potential, as seen in the playoffs.

I can only blame Ray Emery for one thing, his attitude. He is an amazing goalie and probably has more confidence than Gerber at this point. But confidence can't get you all the way. Either he gets his act together or a demotion is a definite.