WWE: 10 Reasons Dolph Ziggler Deserves Another Main-Event Shot

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJune 6, 2012

WWE: 10 Reasons Dolph Ziggler Deserves Another Main-Event Shot

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    Dolph Ziggler’s wrestling career has contained moments of great success, but not without some bumps along the way.

    For seven years, he has gone from a short-lived stint as a manager for Chavo Guerrero (who at the time was known as Kerwin White), to a member of the all-male cheerleader stable known as the Spirit Squad and finally to his present and most successful gimmick as a young brash superstar.

    Ziggler had great success as a mid-card wrestler and moderate success as a main-event wrestler, but his push seems to have slowed lately. He now remains stuck as a mid-card wrestler, when he should be perceived as one of the top wrestlers in the company.

    The Wrestling Observer Newsletter called him the most underrated wrestler in 2011, and rightfully so. Ziggler has earned his spot as a main-event wrestler and the WWE should place him back into this position.

    Here are 10 reasons Dolph Ziggler deserves another main-event shot.

Has the Look

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    The appearance and attitude of Ziggler is in his favor. The blond hair and cockiness makes him come off as a main-event wrestler. He has the look of a Buddy Rogers or Ric Flair, two of the biggest stars of their generation.

    Appearance is a major factor in being a professional wrestler. One has to have the look, at least in the eyes of the creative writers, to be made believable to get over with the crowd.

    Besides the look, attitude is needed. Ziggler comes across as full of himself. For Ziggler, he is the ideal wrestler based on his look, attitude and skill. All three of these characteristics are needed to succeed in professional wrestling.  

Great Wrestler Live or Taped

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    Ziggler has worked on both the Raw and SmackDown brands. One of the main differences between the brands is how one airs live and the other is taped. When a fighter is on a live TV, anything one does is picked up by the audience.

    On the taped SmackDown, if there’s a botch during a certain moment in the match, that spot can redone or deleted from the final product.

    For Ziggler, he has appeared on both brands as a champion and his transitions with moves are crisp. He appears to know what he’s doing in the ring and whether live or taped, his match is often one of the better ones on the show.

Ready to Drop His Valet and Go out on His Own

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    The WWE seems to be teasing a breakup between Vickie Guerrero and Ziggler. For the past two years, Guerrero has been his storyline manager and it was great for Ziggler because she obtains so much heat from the crowd, especially when she starts talking.

    She helped make him a great heel, but the time has come for Ziggler to show that he can earn and maintain the audience’s attention without her. He needs to show that he has earned enough of their awareness as there is nothing else Guerrero can do with him.     

    Before his alliance with Guerrero, Ziggler was able to gain attention through his ring work and just needed help on having the audience accept him. That time has surely come.

He's the Perfect Age

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    At 31 years old, Ziggler is at a prime age for a wrestler. To thrust a young wrestler into the main event can be risky. In a legal sense when someone turns 18, they are considered an adult, but they can still act immature. At Ziggler’s age, it’s time to act like an adult.

    Wrestlers in their mid-40s can’t perform like their younger selves. The body can only handle so much abuse. At Ziggler’s age, the WWE needs to place him in the main-event level now.

    There’s no point in pushing an older wrestler who has not already been established as a main eventer like The Undertaker or Triple H. Once a wrestler is too old, the chance of injury is too high, so Ziggler is at the perfect age to be a main-event wrestler.

Takes Great Bumps and Has a Large Arsenal of Moves

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    Everyone complains how some wrestlers have the same five moves and don’t take any major bumps. Ziggler is the opposite, as he has several unique moves, like his finisher, and is known for taking quite a number of bumps throughout his career already.

    Look at the past Elimination Chamber PPV where he took so many falls to the steel floor of the chamber. He took arguably too many. After a while it was painful to watch, as he stood up and immediately took another bump on the unforgiving steel.

    But the crowd wants big bumps and Ziggler, in that one match alone, gave them a whole match worth of falls.

Shown He Can Feud with the Top Wrestlers

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    Ziggler has feuded with mid-card and main event wrestlers during his time in the WWE. He's had several matches against the WWE’s top wrestlers Randy Orton, John Cena and CM Punk.

    With the exception of Orton, he has defeated these men on numerous occasions, just never when the championship was on the line.

    It’s not like Ziggler never had a WWE or World Championship match before. He’s earned championship matches several times over the last few years and his performance is relatively sound in them.

    At the past two Royal Rumble PPVs, he has failed to capture the World or WWE Title, but both matches could be considered match of the night. Ziggler has shown that he can perform in a big-match situation if given the chance.  

Already Won Almost Every WWE Title

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    Besides his 12-minute run when he was awarded the World Championship (which officially counts in the record books), Ziggler has held almost every WWE championship.

    He has been Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion since his arrival in the company. Each championship he held for a minimum of 160 days.

    This matters, as it shows the WWE has faith in him as he’s been able to successfully defend his title. It’s one thing to have a wrestler win the championship, but to defend it for six months straight is another feat.

    Lots of times someone is seen as a flop, despite having won a title and quickly drops it to someone else.

    Ziggler has proven he can be in the main event as a champion and make it work.

Knows How to Use the Internet to His Own Advantage

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    In today’s modern era, one has to be able to use social media. It can help push a superstar to the next level. Ziggler has a decent number of followers on Twitter, which he uses often to interact with fans and keep his current feuds active while he’s not wrestling.

    He first appeared on Zack Ryder’s YouTube show and has gone on to host his own show called WWE Download. This weekly show is run by the official WWE YouTube account and each episode earns in the six-figure area of viewers.

    The Internet is so important that it can help create a superstar and bring new fans in every day. Ziggler has embraced this and his Internet audience is growing daily.  

With the Current Shift in the Roster, It's His Time to Shine

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    It’s no secret that the current WWE roster has evolved. The wrestlers of the 90’s are mostly all gone and the ones from the past decade are beginning to leave, too.

    Add to it the current superstars who are or may become injured and the recent suspensions, it means that the WWE needs some main-event wrestlers quickly.  

    Ziggler has already established that he can be in the main event and deliver, so he is a perfect candidate who should be given another chance to headline TV and PPVs.

    It’s time to take the mid-card wrestlers, who on several occasions the WWE have teased as main eventers, and allow them to be pushed to the top of the roster.

    It’s decision time, and Ziggler fits this category.

Always Wrestling for the WWE

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    There is no doubt that Ziggler is willing to work. The brand extension is virtually gone. Wrestlers from both RAW and SmackDown appear together again. Throw in WWE’s NXT and Superstars to the lineup, and the company has four TV shows.

    Ziggler has appeared on all of these shows. He is a regular on RAW and SmackDown, appears on Superstars at times and was a pro on NXT. Add in the dark matches and house shows he works, and his schedule is full.  

    The WWE must see something if they have him appear on all their televised and non-televised shows. It is time for Ziggler to be given the push on TV again that he deserves and solidify himself as a main-event wrestler.