Witty Stuffs: Manny Pacquiao Is a Living Proof That Tuna Is Good For Your Heart

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2009

The one thing I admired most of Manny Pacquiao is his heart. I'm not scientifically referring to his heart. Best described, heart is a person's will. An abstract, something that wouldn't make you throw in the white towel.

Pacquiao fought as a heavy underdog in his biggest fights (Barrera I, Ledwaba, De La Hoya, etc.). He was a last-minute replacement in his most dominant performance specifically against Barrera.

His outside the ring exploits includes helping our not-so-fortunate countrymen by sharing a part of his pay check by distributing rice, canned goods, and other personal necessities to the hundreds of people lined up just outside his noble but not-so-modest mansion in General Santos city.

So what about his heart?

Well, in contradiction to the statement above that I'm not scientifically referring to his heart, I'm now scientifically referring to his heart.

Heart is a muscular organ in all vertebrates responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions, or a similar structure in annelids, mollusks, and arthropods (Thanks to my Natsci 101 professor).

In relation Pacquiao hails from General Santos city, considered as the tuna capital of the Philippines. Tuna is rich in Omega 3 which is a good cholesterol that is said to be good for your heart.

Pacquiao probably eats tuna in a consistent basis. So that explains why he always fights with a big "heart" inside the ring and lives with an even bigger "heart" outside the ring.

Unfortunately I don't eat tuna but I do love pizza and spaghetti rich in lycopene, also good for your heart.