WWE: Punk's Ride to Glory, a Ballad for Every Aspiring Pro Wrestler

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WWE: Punk's Ride to Glory, a Ballad for Every Aspiring Pro Wrestler

Every hero has a story

Professional wrestling has the mystique of being able to get lost in the magic taking place in front of you. Not many sports and entertainment industries allow that to happen. There is however, more to it than meets the eye.

CM Punk, who is the current World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, has the ability to get the fans lost in his matches. His work ethic is second to none and that got him to the place he rightfully deserves to be. No shortcuts, no help, just plain ol' hard work.

In this industry, it is about as hard to reach the top as it is to become a professional athlete in every other sport. You must contain natural talent, an emphatic work ethic, the right head on your shoulders and above all else, the heart to persist after adversity rears it's ugly head.

Many men and women before Punk have gone through the trials and tribulations to become a legend. The Undertaker, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels have all succeeded, but as the list continues to grow larger, it is still a rather short group of people.

I would only be repeating what a lot of writers have already stated about becoming a success in professional wrestling. About 1 percent actually reach the destination first pursued.

Then again, what is a satisfied destination? Some claim one can never be satisfied, or maximum potential could not be reached. That is where dreams come in. The deliverance of the spirit overtakes his/her heart and throws it into "overdrive" and success stories are capitalized.

CM Punk has reached that destination and then some. His shoot promo last June sparked a revolution that has rarely been achieved, mainly by the fan favorite future opponent, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He became a WWE Champion and a face of the company from the start of a Indies wrestler who tried to make a decent buck after each match.

There's a method to Punk's madness.

Here's the story...

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