MLB Draft 2012: Late-Round Picks Who Could Produce Big Results

Steve Maze@N/ACorrespondent IIJune 5, 2012

MLB Draft 2012: Late-Round Picks Who Could Produce Big Results

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    With the top prospects already taken in this year's MLB Draft, it is time to look at the guys who truly make the difference for championship teams—the late round picks.

    The story has been told time and time again about late-round picks having an enormous impact on a winning team. Let's check out five picks from today's eighth round who could make GMs look like geniuses.

Tyler Heineman

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    Tyler Heineman, who was drafted by the Houston Astros, is the type of player who can do a little of everything.

    A somewhat undersized catcher at 5'11'' and 205 pounds, Heineman, batted .351 with 26 RBIs for his UCLA Bruins.

    The Astros, who are in the process of a huge rebuilding effort, should be happy with Heineman, who has a tendency to put the ball in play as shown by only striking out 14 times so far in the 2012 season.

Brian Adams

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    The San Diego Padres drafted an all-around athlete. Brian Adams is not only a stellar baseball player, but he also spends his Saturdays in the fall on the gridiron.

    Adams, a junior at the University of Kentucky, has spectacular range but could improve offensively as he only batted .250 in 44 plate appearances in 2012.

    Defensively, though, Adams is superb, as he uses his skills as a wide receiver to cover a large portion of the outfield and has the ability to climb any wall to steal extra base hits.

    As large as Petco Park is, it is not at all surprising the Padres went with defense in this pick.

Zach Isler

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    Zach Isler, a junior at the University of Cincinnati, was drafted by the Chicago White Sox.

    Isler is a relief pitcher, but he also started four games during the 2012 season.

    With an enormous build at around 6'5'' and 240 pounds, Isler will gain velocity on his fastball in the next few years.

    As evidenced by his ability to start and come in for relief, Isler can wear many hats, making this a smart pick.

Scott Griggs

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    Another huge right-handed relief pitcher, Scott Griggs, out of UCLA, was drafted by the local Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Griggs finished with 15 saves in the regular season as the Bruins closer,.

    His size alone as a closer is intimidating, as he stands 6'4'' and weighs 205 pounds.

    If Griggs can translate his success at UCLA to the Dodgers, he would help remind fans of their former dominant closer Eric Gagne.

Taylor Dugas

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    Taylor Dugas, an undersized catcher from the University of Alabama, was drafted by the New York Yankees.

    Dugas, who is 5'7'' and 175 pounds, started all 55 games for the Crimson Tide this season and batted .343 while striking out only 14 times.

    His size may be too much of an issue to overcome, but consistency and reliability are two attributes Dugas has that could help overcome the size issue.