The 50 Best Active College Football Coaching Rivalries

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIJune 6, 2012

The 50 Best Active College Football Coaching Rivalries

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    College football is known for all of its rivalries because without the pagentry of the sport it would simply not be the same.

    Arguably the most entertaining sport in the world if you asked the die-hard fans, we have seen coaches spew venom at each other before, after and even during games.

    We often coaches get caught up in the emotions of the game, but at the end of the day nothing has gone too out of control yet.

    Still, there are new coaching rivalries growing by the day and these are your best 50 at the moment!

    Note: Just because the following coaches have not even played one another does NOT mean squat. 

    In today's landscape of college football there are a ton of trash talking or simple joking around between opposing programs.

    Recruiting and winning is has never been more vital so some of these that are listed will only heat up in the immediate future. 

Urban Meyer vs. Brady Hoke

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    They have not even squared off and yet the rivalry is arguably among the top five in all of college sports.

    The rivalry between the two teams is destined to steal the national spotlight this season albeit the Buckeyes are ineligible to compete for anything special in January.

    Still, the Buckeyes and Wolverines have made headlines off the field during this offseason with a recent Michigan recruit drawing some controversy. 

    When the two teams take the field in the final weekend of the regular season (Thanksgiving), the landscape will be watching and the two should both be highly ranked. 

    This is Michigan and Ohio State, and both Urban Meyer and Brady Hoke will sure become one of the top rivalries in all of sports in the immediate future.

Chris Petersen vs. Gary Patterson

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    TCU has now taken their talents to the Big 12, but the rivalry between Gary Patterson and Chris Petersen will hopefully reunite in the near future.

    Two of you best minds in the entire game, Patterson and his speedy defensive schemes have given us a ton to enjoy against Petersen’s ridiculous video game like offenses.

    Boise State beat the Frogs on the biggest of stages in 2010 Fiesta Bowl as the Broncos remained unbeaten at 14-0 (fourth in both final polls), but Patterson has recently had the last laugh.

    Before defeating an undefeated Broncos squad in 2008 Poinsettia Bowl, TCU this past season upset an undefeated and BCS contending Broncos team on their home field.

    Not only did it end 65-game home winning streak, but it also knocked out the Broncos of another dream season.

    Still, Boise State has been the best team in college football by far at home (77-2 since ’99) despite being unable to put the nail in the final coffin.

    Current Record: Patterson leads 2-1

Jimbo Fisher vs. Al Golden

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    The battle between the Canes and Noles will forever be something to keep a close eye on because of the prestige that both programs have.

    Forget that these two coaches have only gone up against each other once, this rivalry a year round type of deal that is never ending. FBS coaches from the BCS power conferences never have a good night of sleep because they are always looking ahead to the immediate future.

    Although Miami is a large step from becoming top 25 good, FSU is only a small step from becoming BCS title contenders.

    The pool of talent in the beautiful state of Florida is unbelievable as there truly are superstar track stars in football cleats all over the place.

    The list is never ending, but only the best can help you become instant national contenders. FSU has the leg  up in recruiting against every in-state team from Florida, but bank on Al Golden to haul in a few studs in the immediate future.

    Current Record: Jimbo leads 1-0

Bob Stoops vs. Mike Gundy

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    We have seen the Cowboys give the Sooners everything they can handle, but more times than not Oklahoma has dominated this series (Won six straight against Gundy before last season).

    However, the wheels officially fell off when the Boomer Sooners were destroyed by Oklahoma State 44-10. Landry Jones struggled miserably and the Cowboys were productive when it mattered most.

    Gundy is the new offensive genius in college football whereas Stoops and his defense are attempting to get back to one of the better units in the country after going through a few struggles.

    The Big 12 may have two teams in the BCS again, but we will find out just how amazing an offensive coach Gundy is after losing a pair of All-Big 12 performers (Weeden, Blackmon).

    Current Record: Stoop 6-1

Jimbo Fisher vs. Will Muschamp

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    The Gators have made all of their opponents regret lining up against them during the Urban Meyer era, but every dream come true eventually comes to a hault.

    The next program in the state of Florida that has the looks of becoming a fairly special team just happens to be Jimbo and his boys from Tally.

    Florida State dominated the Gators in their own backyard, albeit it was a 21-7 defensive slugfest that did not feature many sensational offensive plays (more so ugly ones). Still, defense is what wins championships and the elite teams are built from the inside-out.

    FSU is right there (though O-Line could be tad better) and Florida will not be far behind in a season or two under Muschamp. Florida could be a mystery team as many are picking them to be the dark horse in the entire SEC whereas others feel they may lose a minimum of four games.

    Either way their contest up at Doak Campbell this season should be another rocky atmosphere.

    Current Record: Jimbo leads 1-0

Frank Beamer vs. Mike London

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    The battle of the Commonwealth Cup every season has lost its luster until Mike London came. Well, I should say the hype has been decent heading into these games at least.

    The Hokies have absolutely buried the Wahoos 75-7 in a combined score from the last two meetings, but London’s squad had one hell of a season in the ACC.

    London and Beamer will be turning into a solid rivalry because the Cavaliers mean business with their ability to quietly rebuild this program into a relevant ACC program.

    Virginia Tech on the other hand continues to win as consistent as any program in the entire FBS (eight straight double digit seasons).

    Current Record: Beamer leads 2-0

Dabo Swinney vs. Steve Spurrier

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    The rivalry between Clemson and South Carolina will likely pick up in the immediate future, but Dabo Swinney has the players to become national factors every season.

    Steve Spurrier similar to Dabo is not afraid to speak his mind, although he has been a proven winner for decades and will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

    Still, these two squads were solid teams one season ago and the tempers may be up a notch or two if a pair of BCS bids are on the line.

    Current Record: Spurrier leads 3-1

Dabo Swinney vs. Gene Chizik

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    These two are an underrated rivalry because they may not see each other often in the distant future, but Dabo was a bit excited after upsetting Auburn last season.

    Most coaches and or teams do not forget about celebrations regardless of when it had occurred, but this 2012 season opening matchup will have a lot on the line for both coaches.

    Dabo’s last game he coached was an Orange Bowl laugher as his defense allowed 70 points against West Virginia.

    Auburn is loaded with talent and can dominate and embarrasses them just as bad if Clemson is not ready, but for the distant future we might see these two squads in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl as well.

    Current Record: Tied 1-1

Mike Gundy vs. Dana Holgorsen

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    These two coaches right here are the best offensive minds in the entire country bar none, and they were once coaches together at Oklahoma State (2010).

    Dana Holgorsen has a ton of questions to answer in the Big 12 with West Virginia. Was their Orane Bowl performance a once in a lifetime game or is there more to come with the mad scientist?

    Mike Gundy is arguably a better offensive coach according to some, since he has more experience as a head coach. Many are questioning rather or not the Pokes can become constant BCS threats despite the loss of a few superstars (Blackmon, Weeden).

    One thing for sure, these two coaches will be offensively bonkers in the Big 12 for years to come and their 11/10 matchup will be filled with fireworks.

Bret Bielema vs. Mark Dantonio

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    These two coaches are starting to put together quite the rivalry since every matchup ends up becoming a thriller that comes down to the final few plays (Out of six matchups, every game has been decided by 10 points or less with four of them by six or less).

    Last season’s two matchups were some of the more entertaining games of the entire season, which says a lot. These two tremendous Big Ten coaches have already met six times, and they are split right down the middle.

    Bielema has had the upper hand in the Big Ten having reached Pasadena in two straight seasons. However, Dantonio is primed for a trip to the Rose Bowl as a road victory in Madison would sure do this underrated coach wonders.

    Current Record: Dantonio leads 3-3

Bret Bielema vs. Bo Pelini

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    The Badgers and Huskers will be facing each other quite a bit despite being in separate divisions and these coaches will seek for position among the best in the Big Ten and more importantly college football.

    Bielema has been the best in the Big Ten, but Pelini in time may not be far behind if he can find a few more offensive playmakers.

    Meanwhile, Bielema has quite the superstar in Montee Ball and a trip to Lincoln could be a deciding game for both of these programs seasons in 2012.

    Current Record: 1-0 Bielema leads

Brian Kelly vs. Brady Hoke

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    Notre Dame and Michigan gave us quite the finish one season ago in Ann Arbor, but there will likely be more classics between these two programs.

    The Irish and Wolverines are two of your winningest programs in the history of the sport (Michigan is first) and the coaches will forever be considered as rivals.

    College football though is at its best arguably when the premier and storied programs are at its best. Notre Dame is inching closer whereas Michigan gave us a glimpse of just how good they can be under a tremendous coaching staff.

    Current Record: Hoke leads 1-0

Gene Chizik vs. Will Muschamp

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    One of the more intriguing coaching rivalries is between these former assistants. They followed one another step after step. Gene Chizik was a defensive coordinator at both Auburn and Texas before he eventually landed the head gig at Iowa State.

    Will Muschamp those two same schools for the same position just a few seasons after Chizik did. Now they are both head coaches and they wil be accustomed to seeing each other on Saturday’s despite being in opposite divisions.

    Both coaches can lose their tempers as they will let their emotions get the best of them since it is easy to get caught up in the middle of a heavyweight SEC battle.

    Current Record: Chizik leads 1-0

Lane Kiffin vs. Jim L. Mora

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    “The Football Monopoly in L.A. Is Officially Over" is clearly something that bit former Bruin coach Rick Neuheisel in the rear end and Jim L. Mora will look to put UCLA back on the map.

    Lane Kiffin was not expected to see immediate success like he did last season with not a whole lot to play for.

    Boy, was that theory proven wrong as all of a sudden the USC Trojans went from a mediocre squad two seasons ago to the pick to click to dethrone whoever ends up winning the SEC.

    These two guys have been considered different (or similar) type of personality types, but we know they are competitive guys that love nothing more than winning. 

Mike Leach vs. Steve Sarkisian

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    The Apple Cup desperately needs to bounce back because it once was one of the more enjoyable rivalries in college football.

    It does not matter whether or not these coaches have faced off against each other in the Pac-12 yet because the recruiting battles start as soon as they sign on the dotted line.

    Plus, this is Mike Leach we are talking about. We should be pumped that he is back in college football and his offensive spread attack should make the Cougars worthy of watching in 2012.

Urban Meyer vs. Bo Pelini

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    Nebraska had the greatest comeback in school last season as they erased a 21-point deficit in the second half at home to knock off the Ohio State Buckeyes 34-27.

    Urban Meyer is now in charge and they will be hosting the Huskers on 10/6, but Nebraska’s expectations are only increasing by the season with Bo Pelini still awaiting for his primetime successful season.

    Pelini is a joy to watch roam the sidelines every fall Saturday, but Urban Meyer is not chop liver by any means.

    Perhaps a future Hall of Famer someday down the road if he were to win a few more conference and or national championships, expect both of these coaches to get the crowd on their feet in these future matchups. 

Kirk Ferentz vs. Mark Dantonio

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    The Hawkeyes and Spartans have had some close battles through the years, but the last two have been complete obliterations between the two.

    Mark Dantonio has become the new Kirk Ferentz of the conference if you will due to his ability to play stellar defense with an ability to gash the opposition with a physical style of running the rock.

    Iowa is far from being done as a Big Ten contender, but Mark Dantonio is looking for his program to take that next step into becoming a national powerhouse of a program.

    Regardless of the records, these two vastly underrated coaches have given us some solid matchups through the seasons and the rivalry (if you will) between the two will only grow with the success of their own team.

    Current Record: Ferentz leads 3-2

Kirk Ferentz vs. Bo Pelini

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    Some may call it "Farmageddon" when these teams meet on the day after Thanksgiving, but the two officially started a rivalry a season ago.

    These coaches and teams are not the biggest fans of each other because clearly the Hawkeyes feel like they can still compete with the big boys whereas the Huskers have not exactly shown any concern for them.

    No disrespect towards either of these programs, but nobody outside of Big Ten country has shown much concern for either of these coaches or squads.

    Pelini draws a ton of hatred due to his outbursts on the sidelines with an officials or one of his own players/coaches, but winning always seems to solve everything. That is something that both of these coaches will be looking at in 2012 since both have a huge season on the way.

    Current Record: Pelini leads 1-0

Rich Rodriguez vs. Todd Graham

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    The battle of these two squads from Arizona are still a long ways way from becoming contenders in the Pac-12 let alone locks for a bowl game, but the Pac-12 could use some more love.

    Plus, it has not been as if these two programs have been completely irrelevant in this conference for the past few seasons.

    Arizona State was not able to live up to expectations despite a decent amount of talent and the Wildcats unfortunately could not find its groove although they had a decent run early on Mike Stoops’ tenure.

    The recruiting battle has heated up already between the two and these coaches have been successful at previous destinations, so it is only a matter of time before they achieve a decent amount of success.

Chris Petersen vs. Chris Ault

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    The Boise State head football coach deserves to be on this list since he is one of the top five in the game and it is not even that close.

    Having a 73-6 record is flat out impossible to achieve in the FBS nowadays regardless of who you play. The guy is a winner and then some, and will be out to prove more naysayers as his Smurfs return only 5 whole starters.

    Coach Pete has the looks of perhaps of one day landing in the College Football Hall of Fame if he were to stay in the coaching business for another decade and or get an extension with the Broncos through his current deal (2014).

    Chris Ault already is in the College Football Hall of Fame and he has been one of the few coaches to be a thorn in the side of the Broncos coach. Ault and his Nevada 2010 squad upset the Broncos the night after Thanksgiving in a 34-31 thrilling overtime game.

    Depending on what the Smurfs ultimately decide to do with their future conference affiliation, the rivalry between these two prestigious and successful coaches is a joy to follow every season.

    Current Record: Petersen leads 4-1

Mike Gundy vs. Mack Brown

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    These two high profile Big 12 coaches had polar opposites last season when comparing their programs. The Longhorns could not live up to some of the expectations whereas the Cowboys exceeded every prognosticator’s expectations.

    They nearly landed in the BCS title, but now it is Mack Brown and Texas that could be close to appearing in a BCS bowl in the immediate future.

    Current Record: Brown leads 4-2

Lane Kiffin vs. Steve Sarkisian

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    USC’s entire staff under Pete Carroll was seemingly gone in the blink of an eye and the Huskies landed a few of those guys. However, Nick Holt is out as the UW defensive coordinator which puts a solid focus between young future star coaches.

    They proved last season they can not only recruit well, but also coach them up to their best ability. Washington has the looks of becoming a ranked squad whereas the Trojans may end up playing and or winning a BCS National Championship.

    Current Record: Even at 1

Brian Kelly vs. Lane Kiffin

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    The Trojans and Irish are one of the better rivalries in all of college football, so in time Brian Kelly and Lane Kiffin will do something to rub the other team and or one another the wrong way.

    Plus, the Trojans should be back on their way to national prominence which should spice things up after an uninteresting 2010 contest. Luckily, the 2011 matchup was solid and the 2012 game could be a great one. 

    Current Record; Even at 1

Brian Kelly vs. Mark Dantonio

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    The Irish and Spartans have had a few hostile contests over the last two seasons, with none more thrilling than the fake field-goal touchdown pass by Michigan State in overtime.

    Notre Dame found their revenge last season as they took care of the Spartans in South Bend. Both of these passionate coaches are in a lot of scrutiny because their programs are desperate for a trip to the BCS.

    Sparty is still waiting for their first ever appearance in the BCS whereas the Irish are just attempting to become a consistent nationally ranked team.

    Current Record: Even at 1

Charlie Strong vs. Butch Jones

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    The Big East is not loaded with many hostile environments, fanbases or prestigious coaches, but that does not include these two fiery coaches.

    Charlie Strong has currently banned the media from his Cardinals and it is expected that the ‘Ville will compete for a BCS bowl. The Bearcats are in the same component since they too are right on the cusp of appearing in another

    Current Record: 2-0 Jones

Bill Snyder vs. Mack Brown

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    Similar to Stoops and Snyder, the Longhorns and Wildcats have bumped heads before. The Longhorns were not nearly as good as the Wildcats in the early stages, but Texas has slowly taken care of business.

    Current Record: Even at 3

Bob Stoops vs. Bill Snyder

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    Kansas State was arguably the worst BCS team in the country during each stay in which Bill Snyder took over.

    However, Snyder has not fared well against Stoops and the Sooners. This has never looked like a rivalry since the only victory came in the 2003 Big 12 Championship.

    Still, these are two of the most successful coaches in the FBS and if the Wildcats want to live up to the lofty expectations they should receive come preseason.

    Current Record: 5-1 Stoops

Frank Beamer vs. Paul Johnson

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    The Yellow Jackets and Hokies have been the two best squads in the Coastal Division for the ACC, with Georgia Tech winning the division once under Johnson whereas Beamer won it the other three times during the Yellow Jacket head coach’s tenure.

    Virginia Tech wants to continue to dominate the ACC, but Georgia Tech’s offense has not been nearly balanced enough to be deemed a true threat. Beamer and Johnson is cleary off the national map since the ACC is absolutely abysmal in the BCS.

    Since the BCS began in 1998, we have the seen the ACC go just 2-13 in BCS bowl which is one of the main reasons why they are considered arguably the worst power conference (save the Big East).

    Current Record: Beamer leads 3-1

Jimbo Fisher vs. Frank Beamer

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    The ACC has been dominated by Frank Beamer and his Hokies having won at least ten games for eight consecutive seasons.

    Throw in the fact that he is the winningest active FBS coach and the real question becomes if Virginia Tech will be seated from their throne as the kings of the ACC?

    Florida State and Jimbo are knocking on the door in terms of becoming a BCS title contender thanks to a killer defense, but Beamer and his boys have never disappointed us with that.

    Throw in their Thursday night tussle on November 8th and a potential December 1st matchup, and these coaches will potentially be shaking hands quite a bit before (and hopefully after) kickoff.

    Current Record: Beamer leads 1-0

Dabo Swinney vs. Jimbo Fisher

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    The Seminoles and Tigers have given us many thrilling finishes through the years, but Dabo and Jimbo are two coaches that are waiting for their teams to take that next step.

    Clemson of course is coming off an ACC championship, but their humiliating Orange Bowl loss to West Virginia almost takes away what they accomplished.

    Florida State was coming off a ten-win season under Jimbo and they were ranked in the preseason top five, but they barely ended up being ranked.

    Both will be picked fairly high in the preseason, but this rivalry will be picking up in the coming years as both remain as consistent, successful programs.

    Current Record: Even at 1

James Franklin vs. Derek Dooley

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    Many fans may not appreciate James Franklin since he is the head coach of a Commodores program that is on the up rise.

    They are no longer in the basement of the SEC after appearing in a bowl game, but many cannot stand playing Vandy because of how hard they compete.

    The Commodores were defeated by the Vols last season and many of the players of Vanderbilt still feel either disrespected and or undermined while competing against Tennessee.

    Many of the players on Vandy could not quite get enough looks by the folks from Knoxville, so you can bank they give it their all when the two tango every season.

    Current Record: Dooley leads 1-0

Urban Meyer vs. Bill O’Brien

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    These two have both not even coached a game yet and the rivalry has already started because of the world we live in due to recruiting.

    Many players that Penn State thought they had were essentially taken away by Urban if you ask the average Nittany Lion, but that is not to say that nobody has left Ohio State for Penn State.

    One thing is for sure, Urban Meyer has arguably been the best recruiter we have ever seen during the BCS era and a road victory over O’Brien would not be a bad start. 

Bo Pelini vs. Brady Hoke

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    Nebraska was absolutely hammered at the Big House last season 45-17, and Bo Pelini never appreciates getting embarrassed.

    The Huskers get the Wolverines in Lincoln this season and these two coaches will certainly be acquainted more often in the near future.

    The rivalry is obviously brand new, but it will soon be heated up.

    Current Record: Hoke leads 1-0

Brady Hoke vs. Mark Dantonio

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    These two programs do not exactly love each other due to the respect factor. The little brothers are really taking it to the big brothers as it has now been four straight tough losses for the Maize and Blue.

    Will the madness stop or is Mark Dantonio just the type of coach that is due to reach a BCS bowl and continue his torrid pace over the Wolverines?

    Brady Hoke gets Sparty at home this season, but that has not helped his program before he was there.

    In Hoke the city of Ann Arbor trusts, but there are some out there that Michigan State is primed for a trip to Pasadena and that would include a victory over Michigan along the way.

    Current Record: Dantonio leads 1-0

Lane Kiffin vs. David Shaw

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    The Trojans nearly knocked off the Cardinal last season at home, but they fell just short in overtime.

    Lane Kiffin surprised nearly everybody last season because many did not believe the Trojans would be that successful in their second season. USC is all of a sudden looking at a potential number one ranking and Kiffin has a little something to do with it.

    Meeting with Stanford and Shaw for the third straight will bring a task to the table. The Trojans have not yet defeated Stanford under Kiffin, and they must go on the road to accomplish such a task in 2012.

    Current Record: Shaw leads 2-0

Chip Kelly vs. David Shaw

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    Stanford was expected to take care of the high-flying Ducks last season according to some, but they were absolutely exposed on their home turf.

    The Cardinal have a far way in terms of becoming a consistent top five program like they have been for the past two seasons, but David Shaw has the skills as a coach to make them a reliable ranked team at least.

    Kelly’s offense is impossible to defend, but Shaw has a few fierce linebackers that could line up with just about any team out there.

    If Kelly has gone to three straight BCS bowls with fairly underrated talent, why could Shaw not do the same?

    Current Record: Kelly leads 1-0

Derek Dooley vs. Steve Spurrier

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    The Gamecocks have taken care of the Vols for two straight seasons and Derek Dooley will be attempting to avoid a third straight loss when they meet in Columbia.

    South Carolina’s defense has been too much for Tennessee, but the Vols should have their most explosive offense when the two meet up. Spurrier is not a coach that is afraid of anybody, but this entire article is partially concentrated on the Vols and Derek Dooley.

    Tennessee is primed for an improved season, but how much better can they get as a program? Dooley is on the hot seat according to most and he needs to rise above all the hatred by knocking off a few opponents he has not competed well against thus far.

    Current Record: Spurrier leads 2-0

Derek Dooley vs. Mark Richt

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    Tennessee and Georgia have given us many great battles in seasons’ past, but the new era of Derek Dooley has not been an enjoyable one for the Vols.

    Dooley has lost both contests against Richt and the Dawgs, but things should heat up with my high expectations for both squads in 2012.

    These matchups every season may not get looked at much, but the recruiting battles are often won and lost through these games. If Tennessee wants to ever return to national glory, they certainly need to at least compete with the giants of the SEC.

    Current Record: Richt leads 2-0

Chip Kelly vs. Lane Kiffin

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    Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks have arguably been the most electrifying and entertaining offense in college football for the past three seasons. Their defense has struggled against the elite competition, but Chip’s record speaks volumes (34-6).

    Lane Kiffin knocked off Kelly’s Ducks last season and it officially eliminated them from the BCS National Championship discussion. These two will likely get together a few times in what should be some of the most entertaining games college football watches all season.

    While Kiffin is hated by more national fans, Kelly isn’t viewed as an angel either. Personally, I could care less because these two coaches have their programs in prime position to dethrone the SEC as they seek for their seventh straight title.

    Current Record: Even at 1

Les Miles vs. Gene Chizik

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    The battle of the Tigers has been solid battles, but LSU obliterated Auburn last season in a laugher (45-10).

    Les Miles had issues slowing down Cam Newton and Auburn two season ago (24-17), but LSU did defeat Auburn in 2009 comfortably (31-10).

    Both are practically constant ranked teams every season, and the Bayou Bengals are thinking about running the table once again.

    Auburn will be hosting LSU in 2012, and there is a good chance that the purple Tigers will be ranked atop the polls.

    Current Record: Miles leads 2-1 

Urban Meyer vs. Bret Bielema

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    The Buckeyes and Badgers are two of your more prestigious programs, but the bad blood that has been circulating between Meyer and nearly every program in the Big Ten has drawn the attention of most.

    Nothing beats defeating the likes of Ohio State or Michigan, but the Badgers are the kings of the Big Ten right now and you know Meyer will do nearly any and everything his power to unseat the champions.

    When these two square off on 11/17 in Camp Randall Stadium, a ton of stakes could be on the line even in a year when the Buckeyes are not eligible for a BCS or Big Ten title appearance. 

James Franlin vs. Mark Richt

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    Could we just change this to James Franklin and Todd Grantham?

    The Georgia defensive coordinator and head coach James Franklin did not exactly have a nice talking to once their entertaining of a game finished.

    The Dawgs prevailed 33-28, but the heated discussion that Franklin had with Grantham will only make the 2012 matchup one to watch.

    Current Record: Richt leads 1-0

Steve Spurrier vs. Will Muschamp

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    Spurrier and his old program will give each other some aches and pains through the seasons, but clearly he wants his Gamecocks to become a BCS title contender.

    The Gators will be standing in their way since the program should be back on the way up, but the Gamecocks are still reeling in legit NFL players and these future matchups will spark up a good rivalry for the SEC.

    Current Record: Spurrier leads 1-0

Mark Richt vs. Will Muschamp

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    These two will soon be enemies, at least on gameday when they meet in Jacksonville every season. The Bulldogs won a heated battle last season by converting on a few gutsy, third and fourth downs for touchdowns.

    Arguably your top two programs in the SEC East, UGA and UF will be fighting for position near a BCS at-large bid for future seasons but earning a spot in the BCS National Championship is still the main goal (minus winning the SEC which is same thing nowadays).

    Current Record: Richt leads 1-0

Urban Meyer vs. Mark Dantonio

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    Sevon Pittman is just one of the several recruits that Urban Meyer has grabbed from opposing Big Ten teams.

    So, as expected many Big Ten coaches have not said the nicest things about Meyer. Mark Dantonio has used such words as “unethical” in regards to Meyer and after losing out on Pittman, it was expected for Dantonio to not forget about it.

    Winning on the field will go a far way also, so expect these two coaches to perhaps not shake hands (perhaps words exchanged) after their meeting on 9/29.

    Throw in the fact that this is Meyer’s first season with the Buckeyes and the fact that the Spartans are expected to win the Big Ten by many experts, and we got ourselves a tremendous rivalry brewing before they have even played a game. 

Will Muschamp vs. Kevin Sumlin

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    The Gators and Aggies are not exactly best friends after their recent war of words which has the Aggies very own mayor showing off her pageantry.

    Kevin Sumlin thought Will Muschamp should have kept his mouth shut by minding his own business when stirring the pot up with A&M. 

    so even though these two have never met as head coaches there certainly will be a bit of hatred for one another when the Gators visit College Station on 9/8 (Also will be Aggies first SEC game).

Steve Spurrier vs. Mark Richt

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    Both of these coaches have battled for the SEC East title since 2005, but Spurrier has been a bit of a thorn in the side of the Bulldogs. Georgia has lost to the Gamecocks for the previous two seasons.

    These two guys have nothing against each other although they are both the favorites to once again to represent the SEC East against the West and a matchup between the two will likely have a large say for who reaches Atlanta.

    Current Record: Richt leads 4-3

Nick Saban vs. Gene Chizik

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    The Iron Bowl is arguably the best rivalry in all of college football right now mainly because the last three BCS title winners have been these two (Alabama twice).

    Auburn has done a magnificent job under Gene Chizik, but he would still like to avoid getting blown away by the in-state rivals.

    As good as Alabama is, Auburn hopes they can become just as dominant. Saban and Chizik do not have any hatred or dislike for one another like a few of these rivalries may suggest, but the fanbases alone spice things up year round.

    Current Record: Saban leads 2-1 

Bob Stoops vs. Mack Brown

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    Formerly known as the Red River Shootout and now known as the Red River Rivalry, these two coaches have seen each other for 13 straight seasons.

    Often considered a top five game of the year in all of college football, we watch with high anticipation since many players have started a legacy in these games.

    It is these two coaches that have been making memories along the way with four BCS title appearances combined from these two future Hall of Famers.

    Although Stoops has a nice edge at the moment, these two prestigious programs continue to grab the attention of America every single season they tee off on each other during the weekend of the Dallas State Fair.

    Current Record: Stoops leads 8-5

Nick Saban vs. Les Miles

50 of 50

    Is there a better rivalry among coaches in college football?

    Some may argue there is not even a better pair of NFL coaches that despise each other more, but the SEC is king and these two bring a bit of drama for both opposing fans to look at.

    Nick Saban is a flat out winner and could be on his way to becoming arguably the greatest that has ever coached perhaps, and Les Miles isn’t chop liver by any means.

    Rivalries are at its best when both teams (and in this case coaches) are extremely competitive. More times than not these pair of coaches meet with BCS title aspirations on the line and they did meet two times one season ago.

    Saban may have lost to Miles at home one season ago, but Alabama steamrolled the Bayou Bengals when it mattered most. Will LSU be successful in seeking their revenge in Baton Rouge against the Tide?

    Current Record: Tied 3-3

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