Who is the Real Home Run King? My Vote Goes to Ken Griffey Jr.

Matthew CohnContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

Ken Griffey Jr. has been a name that has flown under the radar in recent years.  He has played in fewer than 145 games each of the past seven seasons (2002- to present).  In 2008 he hit his 600th home run.  The real question that has crossed the minds of certain baseball fans at one time or another has been, What if? 

What if Griffey was fully healthy for the past seven years of his 20 year career?  He could have been baseball's first 800 home run hitter.  His image has never been tarnished in the baseball steroid era, while Barry Bonds sits atop the list of all-time home runs leader, the supposed next in line Alex Rodriguez has been hit with a failed Steroid test, adding more controversy to the list. 

The record has been tarnished, and with Griffey 49 home runs from tying Willie Mays for fourth place all time, it remains to be seen if Griffey has the health and desire to push towards the top of the list at age 39.