NBA Draft 2012: 4 Teams That Should Trade Down

Alvaro AlfaroCorrespondent IIJune 5, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 4 Teams That Should Trade Down

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    One of the main issues that comes up for teams in every NBA Draft is whether to draft a player just for his value or to reach for a player out of necessity.

    Nothing is certain, especially in the draft lottery, which is why teams gamble with the hopes of not only getting the player they want, but also making sure it's in the appropriate position.

    Here is a list of teams in this year's draft that should trade down. 

Golden State Warriors

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    The Warriors main need is a small forward to round out their starting lineup.

    But if Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes are gone by the time Golden State picks at No. 7, the Warriors should trade down instead of reaching.

    By emphasizing need over value, the Warriors could end up with a player who fills out a pretty good starting five instead of drafting a serviceable backup big man in the lottery.

    By trading down, the Warriors would still find a solid batch of small forwards available, including Terrence Jones from Kentucky. Jones is able to handle the ball and create shots for others—something that this team desperately needs in a small forward. 

Portland Trail Blazers

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    The Blazers have a lot of wiggle room with their No. 6 and No. 11 picks, which is why they should really think about their next move.

    Losing Brandon Roy and Greg Oden to injuries was devastating, but Portland still has hope as long as it has LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum to build around.  

    With Damian Lillard projected to go sixth, the Blazers should trade down, instead of drafting a shooting guard at No. 11.

    Drafting a skilled center later in the first round to pair with Aldridge would certainly help this team. Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller would fit in well with the Blazers and should both be available later in the draft. 

Sacramento Kings

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    This young team needs direction and Tyreke Evans doesn't seem like the solution at small forward. In fact, moving Evans to small forward seems to be an indication that the team is turning away from him as its centerpiece.

    Now the Kings have a funky lineup that isn't super effective.

    Trading down from No. 5 and possibly packaging Evans in a trade to bring in a viable veteran at small forward could do wonders for this team.

    If that were to happen, then the Kings would be free to draft a power forward that could help right away, such as North Carolina's John Henson or Ohio State's Jared Sullinger. 

Toronto Raptors

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    The Raptors have a nice backcourt with DeMar DeRozan and Jose Calderon, so drafting one of the great guards in the lottery doesn't make a lot sense for this team.

    Instead of trying to get value at No. 8, Toronto should trade down and try to fill in a major hole at center.

    Andre Drummond could fall out of the lottery, since some teams aren't too high on him; if that happened the Raptors shouldn't neglect to pick him.

    Even with all his risks, Drummond has NBA size and a ton of potential.