WWE SmackDown: By 'Feed Me More,' Ryback Means 'No More Jabronis'

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 5, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Ryback is undefeated. Impressive, right?

Not really, considering he is undefeated in beating local jobbers.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Ryback absolutely demolished two jobbers in a handicap match. After demolishing the jobbers, Ryback repeatedly said (as always), "Feed. Me. More."

Many fans are getting fed up with Ryback's squash matches. They consider the matches boring and unimpressive. They want Ryback to face some real competition. Unfortunately for some fans, it seems that the squash matches will continue.

According to Justin LaBar of WrestleZone and Bleacher Report (via SuperLucas.net),

Vince McMahon has told creative to always script Ryback looking as dominant as possible. McMahon is a big fan of the character and feels if booked correctly, he could be the WWE's version of Goldberg.

"As dominant as possible" is probably a euphemism for squash matches. Hooray for more squash matches.

Regardless of what fans think about squash matches, they should not blame Ryback for them. Ryback has no control over who he faces, and he likely does not care for squash matches either.

When Ryback says "feed me more," perhaps he means "feed me something better." Perhaps Ryback means "feed me steak and potatoes, not mayonnaise sandwiches." Perhaps Ryback means "feed me top talent, not jabronis."

Ryback will inevitably have a real feud. Until that happens, fans should give the guy a break. The guy is talented.

Last night, Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross said the following about Ryback on Twitter:

: Starting to like Ryback's nuances & unique personality. He has freakish strength and is on a roll. How far can he go?

Regardless of what you think about squash matches, what do you think about Ryback? How far can he go? Is he the next big thing? Who would you like to see him feud with?