Smile Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez aka A-Roids Has Taken You Off The Hook

Angelo SolomitaContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

In the midst of a potentially damming perjury case that would surely ruin Barry Bonds, reputation, Bonds got some great news this morning —and it had nothing to do with his case. is reporting that one of the anonymous sealed tests MLB undertook to survey the use of steroids in the sports has revealed a positive test for one Alex Rodriguez.

So much for those people who were waiting for him to break Barry Bonds' All-Time Home Run Record to "clean it up".  

The irony of it is that it is these same tests the the government is trying to use to prove Bonds' perjured himself when he said he never knowingly took steroids.  Potentially the same ones that were supposed to be destroyed.  

If what has happened to Bonds and Mark McGwire in the past is any indication, the simple leak of this information is enough to eternally ruin Rodriguez.  Whether it should have ever gotten out, or the validity of the tests as we will soon see in the Bonds case, while might not be legally conclusive, is all the public will ever need.  

Rodriguez was the heir apparent to Bonds' Home Run Crown, but now it seems that record will forever remain clouded.  In a way this is Major League Baseball's worst nightmare.  Just as it seemed they were getting past the "steroid era" and ready to jail the problem child, A-Roids, their golden boy, has been revealed as a fraud.  

So Barry if you're reading this, smile.  Not only will you now take a backseat in the public eye, your sins may even be forced to be forgiven.  I'd even be willing to wager your chances of walking on perjury are up and who knows...maybe we'll get to see you back in Giants black and orange in a few weeks.