4 Players the Philadelphia 76ers Should Pursue This Offseason

Baily DeeterSenior Writer IIIJune 7, 2012

4 Players the Philadelphia 76ers Should Pursue This Offseason

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    Philadelphia did well in the 2011-12 season, but it's no secret that it is looking to improve.

    Eventhough they still made the second round of the playoffs, the Sixers lacked a dominant scorer and a big man. While they beat the top-seeded Bulls and took the Celtics to seven games, they definitely could've done better.

    A free-agent pickup or trade acquisition would help greatly.

    The free agent class isn't great this year—but it is good. Trade rumors involving the Sixers are getting around, and Philly could benefit from pulling the trigger.

    Here are four players Philadelphia should pursue this offseason.

Rudy Gay

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    Rudy Gay's name has been tossed around as a trade candidate, and the Sixers would be more than happy to land him.

    Gay is a guy who can score, rebound, and defend. He is a great scorer, which the Sixers lack. With Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner setting him up, he'd certainly get good looks.

    Plus, Turner and Holiday would develop as passers.

    The only way Philly would land Gay is if it gives up small forward, Andre Iguodala. Philadelphia is actively looking to trade Iggy, whose presence, many believe, is hurting the development of Turner.

    Iguodala would help Memphis improve its defense, so the Grizzlies would probably be willing to do the deal. Gay would give Holiday a better offensive option, so the Sixers would immediately become a contender.

    All they have to do is complete this trade.

Roy Hibbert

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    This may be a long shot, but the Sixers should go for Hibbert.

    He is a great center—he rebounds, defends, and blocks shots well. He would give Holiday a target down low, which is something the point guard greatly needs. With Hibbert and Gay, Philadelphia would be great at both ends of the floor.

    Philadelphia doesn't have too much cap room, so it would have to sign Hibbert to a two- or three-year deal and let Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes sign elsewhere. Signing Hibbert would also mean that Philly would amnesty Elton Brand, leaving Lavoy Allen to start at the 4.

    The bottom line is this: Philadelphia needs a big man to contend for a championship, and Roy Hibbert is the perfect fit, even if he only plays in Philadelphia for two or three years.

    Hibbert may sign with the Sixers if he sees perceives that Philadelphia has a serious shot at a championship. If the Sixers can bring in Gay, Hibbert will see how good of a team the Sixers could be.

    And having Hibbert would only add to that.

Kris Humphries

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    You may hate him, but there's no denying that the Sixers need Kris Humphries.

    Humphries had a great season with the Nets, and he will definitely be worth a good amount of money. The Sixers can't sign both Humphries and Hibbert, so Humphries would be more of a backup plan should efforts to land Hibbert fail.

    Although he isn't a star, pairing Humphries with Lavoy Allen in the frontcourt wouldn't be too bad for the Sixers.

    He is a good rebounder and a good post player, which is something the Sixers need. Humphries would be a good target for Holiday and Turner, and he is great on defense.

    Philadelphia is a team built around defense, and Humphries contests and blocks shots and guards post players very well.

    Like I said, you may not love him. But having him would most definitely help.

OJ Mayo

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    Philadelphia may not need Mayo, but he would be a good guy to pursue in free agency.

    Andre Iguodala is aging quickly, and many believe he is hurting the development of Evan Turner. If Philadelphia wants to turn to a better offensive small forward, Mayo wouldn't be a bad option.

    Thaddeus Young is a solid option off the bench, and while he is a good defender, Philadelphia needs offense. Mayo can get to the rim and score, and with Holiday setting him up, he would definitely be able to get good looks and score.

    The Sixers could trade Iguodala for a big man and pursue Mayo, because Mayo and Gay couldn't co-exist in Philadelphia. Mayo would play small forward, unless Philly shifted Turner to the 3.

    Gay and Mayo wouldn't both play the 3 (because Mayo was a guard in Memphis), so if the Sixers swapped Iguodala for Gay, signing Mayo would backfire. However, if the Sixers don't pull the trigger on that deal, this isn't a bad backup plan.