Bulletin Board Material: The Best AFC South Articles from 6/5

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJune 5, 2012

Chris Johnson plans on trying this year.
Chris Johnson plans on trying this year.Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Welcome to the Bulletin Board, where we always rile up the drunks.

Paul Kuharsky talks about unreasonable optimism from around the division.

Kuharsky reports the AFC South isn't very popular nationwide.



Kuharsky thinks Justin Blackmon needs to take his own advice.

Vito Stellino says the team signed Jeris Pendleton.

Stellino reports that Blackmon pleaded not guilty.

R. Jay Soward lists other Jags wideouts with arrest issues.



Sam Khan Jr. says new Texans are trying to catch up.



Andrew Strickert guesses at the Titans' roster.

Kuharsky questions if the Titans care about the interior of their line.

Tom Gower breaks down the Titans' sacks from last year.

David Boclair says Chris Johnson is buckling down.

Jim Wyatt says that Tommie Campbell is working hard.

Wyatt reports that the Titans have signed Kyle DeVan.



Mike Chappell answers letters from readers.