Belmont Stakes 2012 Odds: Everything You Need to Know to Win

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IJune 5, 2012

Belmont Stakes 2012 Odds: Everything You Need to Know to Win

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    Most sports fan should be watching this weekend, as I'll Have Another could make history this Saturday at the 144th Belmont Stakes. Horse racing hasn't seen a Triple Crown Winner since Affirmed (a beautiful chestnut colt) won it 34 years ago in 1978. 

    The Triple Crown (given to any horse that wins at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and the Belmont Stakes) is pretty much expected to go to I'll Have Another, given that the horse is the odds-on favorite to win it all. I'll Have Another has four first place finishes in four starts this year. 

    But there could be spoilers among the mix of competitors, jockeys who want to tear that Triple Crown away from the powerhouse horse. 

    Just like in all sports, anything could happen this weekend. But it truly would be a shame if I'll Have Another isn't able to complete the sweep. 

    Here are some things that will be useful to know in order to pick a winner this weekend.

I'll Have Another's Biggest Competition: Dullahan

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    With Bodemeister skipping the race entirely, it seems that the field drastically diminished when it comes to contenders for the Belmont Stakes crown. Not much competition for I'll Have Another lies within the rest of the horses competing, but like I said, anything can happen.

    At this point, Dullahan probably has the greatest chance of spoiling I'll Have Another's Triple Crown chances. With 5-1 odds of taking home the crown, Dullahan finished 3rd in the Kentucky Derby and conveniently skipped the Preakness Stakes.

    With Dullahan being rested up and ready to compete, this could spell disaster for I'll Have Another's potentially historic weekend. 

Horse to Keep an Eye On: Union Rags

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    Union Rags is probably the third-best horse contending in the Belmont Stakes, regardless of how horrible his year has been thus far. 

    The odds for Union Rags are 6-1, slightly below that of Dullahan, and the horse may actually surprise a lot of people.

    Honestly, I wouldn't put a lot of money on the horse seeing how it finished in seventh place in the Kentucky Derby. Regardless, Union Rags also skipped out on the Preakness Stakes, which could play to their favor this time around.

Other Horses to Keep Your Eye On

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    Unstoppable U

    This new horse has made the rounds on the internet, with people saying he's the dark horse to steal the crown from I'll Have Another. With that said, I don't believe the horse will be able to pull it off. 

    New to the scene and with only two wins in two starts (which isn't bad), the 3-year-old horse has a lot of learning to do before it can dethrone the king.  The odds for him are 30-1.

    Atigun posts the same odds as Unstoppable U, but I'd honestly bet on the former before I'd bet on Atigun. With five starts on the year, the horse only pulled out two placements in races, with his last coming in the Churchill allowance. Don't put your money on Atigun. 



    Last but not least we come to Optimizer. With a 30-1 chance to pull off the win, Optimizer came in sixth at Preakness and isn't as well rested as the other horses. I'd bet on Unstoppable U and Antigun before placing your money on Optimizer. 

Horses to Stay Away From

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    Honestly, you'd be a complete dope if you weren't to at least place the majority of your money on I'll Have Another this weekend. While some may choose to place their faith in Dullahan or even young Unstoppable U, most will go with the heavy favorite in I'll Have Another. 

    We all want to see history. 

    But, if there are a few that you should definitely stay away from, I'd go ahead and cross the rest of the horses in the field off your list. The horses listed earlier are the ones that possess the biggest chances of dethroning I'll Have Another.

    Either way, we should be in for a fun weekend as we hope for to see I'll Have Another take home the Triple Crown, something that may not happen again for another 30 years.