WWE Raw: John Cena Needs to Take His Job Seriously

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 4, 2012

John Cena seems to have a difficult time understanding that his role is to make the fans excited about what we are watching. This was evident during the opening of Raw tonight.

At the start of Raw, Michael Cole invites Cena out to the ring to comment on the actions of the Big Show last Monday. Of course, John Cena was happy to enter the arena to address the situation.

One would think that following the destruction that the Big Show delivered to all of Cena’s “friends” last week, he would be upset about this and intent on getting revenge.

This is not what he delivered.

No, what we got was John Cena exploding through the curtain and bouncing around on the stage cracking jokes into the camera and making funny faces. This is one of the biggest issues facing the credibility of the WWE today.

If John Cena is not concerned about the actions of the Big Show, why should we be? If he doesn’t fear the Big Show, how are we supposed to take his match with him as a true threat?

This is not the only time that Cena has done this. In fact, during the build of the biggest match in John Cena’s career (vs. The Rock), Cena could regularly be seen chuckling and making a joke out of his opponent.

John Cena is the No. 1 wrestler on the WWE roster and is supposed to be the flagship person. This behavior is not fair to the rest of the roster. How can anyone truly become a legitimate threat in the eyes of the fans if Cena himself is not threatened?

Cena should have entered the arena with a serious look.

Jokes and funny faces were not needed. Cena should have entered the ring deeply hurt over the pain that the Big Show caused to his friends. He should have spoken in a tone that was direct and angry, one that would have made his fans see the need to rally behind him in an effort to destroy the evil giant.

This is not what happened.

Unfortunately, the WWE sees a need to keep John Cena as “superman” and everyone else who threatens him as simply fodder.

What WWE fails to realize is that if they show a weakness in Cena, the fans will rally even stronger behind him. Take his match with Brock Lesnar, Cena was destroyed for the majority of the match, and the fans were firmly behind them.

WWE needs to change this course; otherwise, the credibility of their product will be hurt.