Alex Rodriguez: Another New York Yuckie

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009 has reported that New York Yankees star third baseman Alex Rodriguez tested positive in a urine sample for steroids.

Four sources have told Sports Illustrated about the situation for Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is not the guy that you would think would take steroids. He's a big guy but didn't have the huge growth like Barry Bonds did.

The story reports that after the '03 season when Rodriguez won the AL most valuable player award he was tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Rodruiguez's name appears as one of the 104 players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs during the '03 survey by Major League Baseball.

He 33 years old and is only a couple hundred home runs away from the all-time record set by Barry Bonds who also toke steroids.

This is a major blow for baseball. Arguably the best player in the Majors tested positive for steroids.

Nobody knows how this will end up but it dosen't look like there will be a happy ending.