WWE No Way out 2012: The 7 Best Potential Challengers for Christian's I.C. Title

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 5, 2012

WWE No Way out 2012: The 7 Best Potential Challengers for Christian's I.C. Title

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    Now that the WWE has its favorite veteran back and better than ever, its time to think of Christian's opponent for No Way Out.

    With all do respect to Cody Rhodes, this could be the most interesting reign by an Intercontinental Champion since Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage.

    And when it comes time to re-establish the second most important title in the WWE, what better way than to have Christian bring it back to respectability?

    But who will face him at the next PPV? I guess there is only one way to find out. And when it comes to competitors, here is a look at who could be next in line to face the Canadian.

Dolph Ziggler

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    At one point, wasn't this guy a challenger for the WWE Title?

    My, how times have changed.

    Ziggler has a lot of talent and has been a jobber as of late in singles competition and a tag team specialist with Jack Swagger.

    Having Ziggler challenge Christian could get him back on the championship ladder.


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    He has the potential to be better than Goldberg and Batista.

    Ryback means business, and with his unbeaten streak, it stands to reason he needs better competition to face in the ring.

    Well, here is Christian who can deliver and help give Ryback the push he needs. No one in this company sells like Christian does.

    Skill and guile vs. pure power.

Alberto Del Rio

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    If he cannot beat Sheamus, maybe he can start something up with a former associate.

    Personally, I love the idea of this kind of a match.

    Del Rio needs to be in the middle of a title picture and while I believe Sheamus may have a long title run, challenging a technician like Christian is a good thing for the WWE.

The Miz

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    I can still hope, can't I?

    Such talent is being wasted. And The Miz is such a good mic worker.

    I would love to see him come out and make a personal challenge toward Christian. It would certainly help The Miz get his mojo back and some momentum toward the summer.

Lord Tensai

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    Maybe the WWE should have Lord Tensai move up the ladder with a great feud with Christian and have him build on that toward challenging for the World Title (Sheamus?),

    I don't like the character, to be honest. But in reality, Tensai needs to show strength while Brock Lesnar is not in the ring and Randy Orton completes his suspension.

    Tensai is the type of guy that the company needs to build up. He is not one who can come in (like Lesnar) and just take over.

    The fans don't take to him that way, like Lesnar.

    Having him win a secondary title first is the way to go.

Cody Rhodes

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    I can only hope this develops into a huge feud, much like Orton and Christian last year.

    Rhodes losing the Intercontinental Title should have been so the company can push him toward the World Title, but that did not happen.

    Rhodes may have the best pure talent in the company and he is sitting in the middle of the road. With a 233-day title reign, he knows a thing or two about the Intercontinental Title and a true program between the two stars would be epic.

Chris Jericho

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    Despite being suspended, could the Canadian give his former tag team partner a run for his money?

    Remember, Jericho was set for a program with Randy Orton, but that was thwarted by Orton's 60-day suspension.

    Jericho is suspended indefinitely, but that does not mean he won't be back in time for No Way Out.

    If we thought Orton/Jericho would be great, this feud would probably exceed expectations.