Donovan McNabb is Not New Deal Worthy

chris klinknerSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2009

I've said it before and I will say it again...Donovan McNabb is the best QB option for the Eagles currently on their roster, available in the upcoming draft, available in free agency, or available via trade.

The Eagles are at their best with McNabb under center again next season. Go ahead and find me a better can't.

But what I don't agree with is the need for the Eagles to reward McNabb with a new contract. Yea it sucks that his signing bonus money is all but gone and his current deal provides him with little security...but as they say...them the brakes.

I just don't see how you reward a guy that is coming off a season that had him being benched and producing numbers take were middle of the pack QB numbers. Nine+ million dollars seems more than fair for a QB that was ranked:

  • QB Rating: 14th
  • Passing Yards: seventh
  • TD Passes: eighth
  • Completion Percentage: 18th
  • Average Yards Per Pass Attempt: 18th
  • Yards Per game: ninth
  • Interceptions: 14th

Again good numbers, but numbers that have you home and not in Hawaii this weekend. Numbers that are worthy of his current contract, but not a new deal.

If the man needs more money maybe there can be a built in incentive clause for keeping his mouth a no whining clause. It would be a win win for all.