The Real Baseball Season

Scott FenderCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2008

Spring is finally upon us. We set our clocks ahead later this week and with that the greatest of all sporting events takes place. A draft, in a sense, but more importantly the beginning of life for many people. I am not talking about combines, drafts, spring training, fantasy baseball, or the 2008 Presidential Election. I am talking about little league sign-ups.

Many of us have our memories, nightmares, and passion for baseball rooted in the small diamond with the field that seems so small to us now, but were impossible to navigate when we were young. From tee ball all the way up the excitement builds for these youngsters. Local papers are highlighted for the sign-up days. Cans and change are collected to raise funds to sign up. Parents make that sacrifice to spend the money on sign-ups, cleats, gloves, uniforms, and gas for practice and games. But in the end they know it is worth it.

Butterfly chasers, big league dreams, ball hogs, strike out kings, criers, and everything in between all arrive to play. This is why Baseball is America's pastime. Sometime this spring take the time to go out and watch a game. Sponsor a child to play or if you own a business sponsor a team. Play catch with your son, father, brother, or friend. Reminisce on those times well spent on that little diamond devouring sunflower seeds and big league chew. Pumping our fist into our Rawlings glove. It is time to be a kid again. Now if you don't mind I am going to run down that foul ball and get me a free snow cone.