WWE Raw Recap & Results: A Quick Summary of What Happened on Raw 6/4/12 Edition

Tom HauritzCorrespondent IJune 5, 2012

Welcome to another edition quick summary of Monday Night Raw for June 4, 2012.

Below is a brief recap and play-by-play of the matches, results and important moments of this week's Monday Night Raw. For those of you who are waiting to watch it, it does contain spoilers. For those of you who want to know what happened and quickly, please read on.

You can also catch up on last week's RAW here.


RAW opened with a video recap of Big Show dominating Brodus Clay, Kingston and R-Truth, Santino and Zack Ryder.


John Cena Interviewed by Michael Cole

Michael Cole accused Cena of letting Big Show down and being egotistical and that he, more than anyone, is responsible for Big Show's actions. 

Cole then went on to criticize Cena, tell him that he is overrated and state that he wishes for Big Show to end Cena at No Way Out.

John Laurinaitis came out to announce that John Cena could choose any opponent he liked other than Big Show and JL himself. Cena chose Michael Cole and the crowd loved it. Both JL and Cena left as Cole pleaded for the match not to happen.

What's with Cena facing useless people in matches lately? I for one think this is a poor effort and will be a sad way to end the show.


Backstage Segment

Michael Cole pleaded with JL again not to let the match go ahead and that the people didn't really want to see Cena beat him silly. Johnny disagreed and the match was confirmed


Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

There was decent pop for The Great White and some great back and forth and unexpected reversals. It was nice to see Ziggler looking strong. Ultimately Sheamus hit the two moves of doom in White Noise then the Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus via pin fall

Match Rating: 7/10 - This was a good match to open RAW. Ziggler looked strong and I love watching him sell moves. Some good back and forth and reversals. Let down by a predictable end.

Sheamus was ambushed at the top of the ramp by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. ADR locked in the Cross Arm Break with Sheamus hanging off the stage. That would have hurt a little. My god Rodriguez is annoying.


Backstage Segment

John Laurinaitis is approached by David Otunga who says Vince McMahon is returning to RAW next week to give JL a job performance evaluation.


MATCH: Sin Cara vs. Hunico

Not much was made of the history between these two Superstars. Some decent high flying by Sin Cara and pretty well botch free. He hits Hunico with a fairly impressive twisted face plant type move to finish it.

Winner: Sin Cara via pin fall

Match Rating 5.5/10. Some nice moves by Sin Cara that would have had the kids cheering. Nothing too spectacular though and a fairly short match.


MATCH: Ryback vs. Arthur Rosenburg & Stan Stansky (Handicap Match)

This was Ryback's RAW debut - guess it's time to really push another beacon of squash matches.

The two local wrestlers read a poem together before Ryback came to the ring. Surprisingly this was a total squash and the groundbreaking poetry was forgotten (okay, the poem was terrible.)

Winner: Ryback via pin fall

Match Rating: 2/10 - Ryback does another Goldberg impersonation and hit his finisher on both the tiny men together. A double clothesline the highlight. CM Punk vs. Kane to top the 2nd hour.


MATCH: CM Punk vs. Kane

As the match on Smackdown between these two men finished without a winner, it was ruled that there had to be a winner tonight. A disqualification would not be a surprise.

CM Punk came out to a nice pop. Next out was Daniel Bryan instead of Kane. Bryan taunted Punk then grabbed a mic and stood on the announcers table for some "YES!" Q & A. Kane interrupted to make his entry.

Some early top rope action from the Champ was closely followed by CM Punk chants. Some decent offense by both Superstars until Kane threw Punk over the top rope. Punk hit a great running knee to break Kane's control.

Daniel Bryan took the opportunity to kick CM Punk while the ref was dealing with Kane. Not long after AJ ran to the ring to try to let the referee know what had happened. CM Punk then attacked Bryan only to then walk into a Choke-Slam.

Winner: Kane via pin fall

Match Rating: 7.5/10 - Some quality action as CM Punk can really make most other wrestlers look good. An ending that furthers the three-way feud between Punk, Bryan and Kane.

After the match, Kane cornered AJ in the ring. Bryan attacked Kane but was booted out of the ring. AJ then offered Kane a seductive look as he turned and walked away. I still don't get AJ's part in this feud.


Backstage Segment

Josh asked AJ about the look she gave Kane. She said she liked it when guys looked at her and then proceeded to act all parts crazy.

Michael Cole then continued his begging to avoid facing Cena. We get it, he is scared to face him.


MATCH: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins

Seems Reks & Hawkins are the newest edition to the tag-team division revival.

Some quality moves and the usual super-high flying by Kingston. After hitting Trouble in Paradise, Reks broke up a pin attempt, which led to Kingston hitting a massive cross body off the top rope on Hawkins.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth via pin fall

Match Rating 6.5/10 - A decent match up with the usual Kofi highlights - the man gets some serious air. Truth is much better as a face I feel. Not as many tag-team moves as last week.


MATCH: John Cena vs. Tensai

No, that isn't a typo.

Cena came out closely followed by John Laurinaitis. JL changed the match to a no DQ match, on condition that Cena could win an impromptu match with Tensai.

Tensai started strong but Cena then upped his intensity, only for Sakamoto to interfere with some strong kicks.

Tensai dominated Cena for most of the match only for Super Cena to make an appearance, hit the 5 moves of doom and an AA.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

Match Rating: 4.5/10 - The usual: Tensai dominated with his power only for Super Cena to pull out the win. With no charisma in ring, I can't see Tensai lasting long.

With that win, Cena will now face Cole in a no DQ match


MATCH: John Cena vs. Michael Cole

Cole tried to run from Cena but when that failed, he attempted to intimidate Cena on the mic. Big mistake as Cena tore his clothes off, slapped him around and then made him apologize to Jerry Lawler and Gool Ol' JR.

Then, following a shameless plug for JR's BBQ sauce, Cena poured it all over Cole and then blasted him with a fire extinguisher. Cena then lined up for the AA, but was ambushed by Tensai who hit a massive power slam.

Cole attempted the cover but Cena kicked out, avoided a hit to the head with the extinguisher and then hit Cole with the AA.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

Match Rating: 0/10 - This was not a match. It was a cheap way to have Cena finish the show and get over with fans, a silly embarrassment of Michael Cole, a plug for JR's BBQ sauce and a pointless moment on which to finish RAW with no real action.



Not a great RAW and no where near the quality of last week. While it was nice to have Cena back and there were quality matches, I feel that Cena was poorly used and it gave this episode a bad taste.

An average match against Tensai before embarrassing Michael Cole: a waste of RAW air-time, not to mention a contrived interview to start things off.

The focus on Cena tonight and the absence of Big Show, saw very little in the way of any No Way Out feuds getting furthered.

They keep giving Punk/Kane/Bryan matches away and keep teasing an AJ role, while ADR beat down Sheamus. That was it.

With injuries and suspensions, the roster truly felt very thin tonight.

Overall I give tonight's Monday Night RAW a 5/10. I had hoped for more after last week. Seems WWE thinks anything with Cena will work. While ratings might suggest that's the case, tonight was a real let down.


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