St Louis Cardinals MLB Draft Results: Scouting Profiles for 2012 Picks

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIJune 4, 2012

St Louis Cardinals MLB Draft Results: Scouting Profiles for 2012 Picks

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    The St. Louis Cardinals will be looking for their next superstar player to replace Albert Pujols in this year's MLB draft.

    The team owns a combined five picks in this year's first and Compensation A rounds.

    The Cardinals don't have a lot of pressing needs, but the reigning World Series champs will be looking to grab some future pieces to keep them in contention for many years to come.

    Take a look at who could be your future stars in St. Louis.

Round 1; 19 (via LA Angels from Albert Pujols): RHP Michael Wacha, Texas A&M

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    With their first selection of the 2012 MLB Draft, the St. Louis Cardinals selected right handed pitcher Michael Wacha of the Texas A&M Aggies.

    As per Bleacher Report's MLB Prospects Lead Blogger Mike Rosenbaum:

    Wacha is basically a two-pitch pitcher with a 50-grade fastball and plus changeup that is the best in the entire 2012 draft class. By the time he reaches the major leagues, it could even grade as high as a 65 or a 70. Most importantly, he’s shown superb command of both pitches, which aids his projection as a mid-rotation big league starting pitcher.

    Wacha was one of the higher rated pitchers in this draft, so at 19 he is a nice pick for the Cardinals.

    He will always be remembered as the "Albert Pujols pick," so expectations are likely already high out of the gate.

    It will be interesting to see where the Cardinals will decide to use him, but with a young Shelby Miller on the rise, this team is looking like they will have a strong rotation in the near future.

Round 1; 23: Of James Ramsey, Florida State

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    The St. Louis Cardinals went for a fielder with their second pick of the night, selecting Florida State Seminoles outfielder James Ramsey.

    Ramsey was a surprise pick this early, but the Cardinals must see something special to grab him at this point in the draft.

    The following is what Bleacher Report's MLB Prospect Lead Blogger Mike Rosenbaum had to say about the Cardinals new prospect:

    In the outfield, Ramsey has above-average speed and range, and may be able to remain in center field. He has slightly above-average arm strength with good carry on his throws that should offer enough versatility to handle all three outfield positions.

    Ramsey is a left-handed bat, which could be one of the reasons the Cardinals decided to go for him this early.

Round 1S: 36: 3B/LF Stephen Piscotty, Stanford

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    The St. Louis Cardinals took a utility player with their third pick of the night, selecting Stephen Piscotty from Stanford.

    The infielder/outfielder still has much to prove, and as Bleacher Report's Mike Rosenbaum points out, the Cardinal still has much to prove in terms of power.

    A right-handed hitter, he may be able to add some pop by adding loft to his swing, but for the time being, his lack of power is a major concern. I’m a firm believer that it’s there; it’s just a matter of tapping into it—something that may happen as a result of working with a big-league hitting coach.

    The Cardinals would love to find some power from the infield in the near future, so they better hope Piscotty can turn it on.

Round 1S; 52: 3B Patrick Wisdom, St. Mary's

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    The Cardinals went with another third baseman this round, this time selecting St. Mary's Patrick Wisdom.

    Wisdom is probably going to be a work in progress, but given the club may not have an immediate need at third base with their previous pick, Wisdom may be worth a go.

    Here is a little more on Wisdom as per Bleacher Report's Mike Rosenbaum:

    His corner infield frame and natural bat speed give him projectable plus power, and he may be able to hit for a respectable batting average given his above-average plate discipline.

    Fielding is half the battle, but if Wisdom can add some power to his consistency, the Cardinals will have themselves a nice option in the future.

Round 1S;59: Steve Bean, C, Rockwall HS (Texas)

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    With their last pick of the first day, the St. Louis Cardinals grabbed high school catcher Steve Bean.

    The club got themselves a left-handed bat with a good arm, something that can become extremely valuable down the line.

    As per Bleacher Report's Mike Rosenbaum:

    A left-handed hitter, Bean has been climbing the draft boards all spring due to his projectable power and present defensive skills behind the plate. He has quick wrists and easy pop in his bat, and he’s done a better job of letting the ball travel deep in the zone this spring.

    Perhaps Bean will develop into a solid left-handed hitting catcher for the Cardinals down the line. He seems to be rising at the right time, but he will need to continue to do so if he wants to become anything at this level.

Round 2; 86: 3B Carson Kelly, Westview HS, OR

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    The Cardinals took their third third baseman of the draft, selecting Westview High School star Carson Kelly.

    Kelly has committed to Oregon, but the Cardinals have another young prospect to look forward to.

    As per ESPN's Jason Churchill:

    Kelly is a prospect at the plate and on the mound, sitting in the upper 80's and topping out at 92 mph with the fastball. The majority of area scouts appear to prefer him as a bat, where his swing is easy, consistent and should produce natural power. He can handle third base and could end up a candidate for left or right field if necessary. He's known to carry himself as a leader and brings plus makeup to the table. He'll head to the University of Oregon if the price isn't right on the professional front, but he could go in the Top 100.

    Considering all the third baseman the Cardinals have already selected, Kelly may have his best opportunity heading to the college level.

    Still, he is a promising prospect that could have some potential in the near future.

Round 3; 117: LHP Tim Cooney, Wake Forest

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    The Cardinals took left-handed pitcher Tim Cooney of Wake Forest in the third round of this year's MLB Draft.

    Cooney could be a valuable piece as another left-handed arm in the Cardinals' pitching staff, but it will be interesting to see how long it will take for the junior to come around.

    In 2011, Cooney went 7-3 with a 3.09 ERA for Wake Forest.

Round 4-10

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    Round 4, 150: SS Alejandro Mejia, Arizona

    Round 5, 180: RHP Cory Jones, College of the Canyons

    Round 6, 210: RHP Kurt Heyer, Arizona

    Round 7, 240: RHP Kyle Barraclough, ST. Mary's

    Round 8, 270: OF Yoenny Gonzalez, Col of Central Florida

    Round 9, 300: C Rowan Wick, Cypress College

    Round 10, 330: 2B Jacob Wilson, Memphis