International Football: The Wackiest Goal Celebrations of the Year

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIJune 6, 2012

International Football: The Wackiest Goal Celebrations of the Year

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    When football players score a goal, it can lead to some pretty wacky celebrations. You know the type. They are kind of funny but odd, especially when you are confused as to the intent of those celebrating.

    Sometimes they are spur-of-the-moment, but for the most part they are pre-planned.

    Whether it's a well known dance move undertaken by the whole team, or a solo performance, football players can amuse us with their celebrations when they are ready.

    Here are a few of the wackiest celebrations from this past year in international football.

Toshihiro Aoyama Bowling with His Teammates

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    After his spectacular goal from inside his own half, Toshihiro Aoyama does some bowling with his teammates.

    The 7-10 split which leads to a spare is a nice touch.

Doing the Luciano

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    Luciano Becchio decided to do, um, whatever that was for his celebration.

    It definitely falls into the odd category as far as celebrations are concerned.

All Right, I Scored My Goal. Time to Go to My Second Job.

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    Rostyslav Diakiv scores a freak goal and believes his work, for this job, is done.

    Off comes the shirt, and Diakiv runs to a construction site right outside the field, presumably to check on his other work.

Assistant Referee Gets Caught in Mali's Celebration

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    During the African Cup of Nations, Mali players went to the sidelines to celebrate a goal against Guinea.

    The celebration itself is the odd part, if you don't know what dance the Mali players are doing. What's funny is that the assistant referee got caught in the middle of the celebration.

Amateur Ingenuity

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    These young footballers decided that bull-fighting was the way to go with their celebration.

    Their subsequent little dance, or whatever you want to call it, is certainly odd.

    Yellow cards for the celebration is a bit of an overreaction by the referee, though.

Gylfi Sigurdsson Is a Dead Fish

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    Fans of FIFA games will know this celebration.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson emulates a fish that has been caught, after his fantastic strike against Wigan.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid Bunny-Hopping?

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    Not really sure what Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo and Pepe are up to here.

    Whatever it is, it's quite amusing and odd.